Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short Strats: Zul'Aman

Part two of Short Strats, courtesy of Finwe. For Zul'Gurub, see here. Here are the ones for Zul' Aman:

  • Akil'zon (Eagle) - Spread out to minimize damage from Static Disruption. Dispel debuff on tank. Collapse on the tank when he casts Electrical Storm (then stand under cloud). Ranged dps focus on large eagle add when it spawns. Kill some non-elites if you get too many.
  • Nalorakk (Bear) - Charges (Surge) furthest player causing massive damage debuff. If you get this, move toward boss until the debuff drops off. Brutal Strike on tank (80k) in troll form, bleeds and AOE silence in bear form.
  • Jan'alai (Dragonhawk) - Move out of Flame Breath. Don't stand near Fire Bombs (5 yd radius). Let the hatchers break a few eggs, then kill them. AOE the hatchlings. At 35%, remaining eggs break open and must be killed. Enrage at 25%.
  • Halazzi (Lynx) - Phase 1: Green puddles => heal (boss and players), position accordingly. Tranq his Enrage (if possible). Kill lightning totems. Dispel Flame Shock debuff. Phase 2 (66% & 33%): Focus DPS on the lynx, ignore the troll.
  • Hex Lord Malacrass - Kill (or CC) adds first. Boss has occasional soul drain to gain player's powers. Be sure to interrupt heals. Melee watch out for thorns, consecrate, and whirlwind. Dispel debuffs. If you get Mark of Blood (DK), stop attacking.
  • Daakara - Troll: Whirlwind. Grievous Throw debuff must be healed to full to dispel. Bear: Dispel Paralysis. Eagle: If you get Energy Storm, don't cast. Kill lightning totem. Lynx: Attacks random players. Kill adds. Dragonhawk: Spread out. Don't stand in fire.
Remember that these are meant to be quick snapshots of the boss... they're not necessarily full strats. You may need to discuss some of the finer details among your group, but hopefully this gets that conversation started (especially in PuGs!). See any points of improvement?

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