Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short Strats: Zul'Gurub

I mentioned a while ago that a friend of mine, Finwe, has been keeping a collection of copy-and-paste-able strats. These can come in handy, and so he's passed along the ones he's compiled for the new five mans. I'll splitting them into two parts (by instance) and try to get both up today (bonus post!). So here they are (he did the strats, I did the formatting):

  • High Priest Venoxis (Snake) - Troll: Poison maze. Run apart to break Toxic Link. Interrupt Whispers. Snake: Don't stand in poison. No one (including tank) stand in front of boss during Breath of Hethiss. Stage: Run away from poison beams. Repeat until dead.
  • Bloodlord Mandokir (Raptor) - Random Decapitate WILL kill you. Spirits will rez you. Everyone move away from Devastating Slam (frontal cone). After dismount, slow/stun and kill the raptor (and again as needed). Enrage at 20%.
  • Edge of Madness (1) - 1 of 4 random bosses will spawn. Wushoolay: Run away from Lightning Rod. After charge, run away (15 yds). Move out of lightning clouds.
  • Edge of Madness (2) - Renataki: 75%/25%, 100k Ambush on random player. 50%, run away from Thousand Blades. Enrage at 30%. Hazza'rah: Kite and kill adds. Gri'lek: Kite during fixate. Avoid Tremor and dispel Roots.
  • High Priestess Kilnara (Panther) - Interrupt Tears of Blood. Can also interrupt Shadowbolt. Try to dodge the purple wave. Kill the panther packs 1 at a time before the boss hits 50%. Below 50%, run out of cave-ins. Boss gets stacking damage buff.
  • Zanzil (Cauldrons) - Don't stand in fire. Interrupt some Shadowbolts. Zombies (red): use fire cauldron, and AOE them down. Berserkers (blue): use frost cauldron, and kite it (fixate). Graveyard Gas (green): use toxin cauldron.
  • Jin'do the Godbreaker - Phase 1: Keep Jin'do out of deadzone. Group step into it when he casts Shadows of Hakkar. Phase 2: Move away from void crashes. Kill adds as needed. Kill chains. Group up on a chain and tank pulls troll away. Body Slam makes chain attackable
Remember that these are meant to be quick snapshots of the boss... they're not necessarily full strats. You may need to discuss some of the finer details among your group, but hopefully this gets that conversation started (especially in PuGs!). See any points of improvement?

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