Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It is done...

Hey Gang!

Over the last few days, Fulguralis & I have not only acquired our first home, but we also did a slue of other things inside:

- Swept the entire house
- Steam Cleaned all of the carpeting
- Went to Menards for tools that we don't have but needed
- Washed down some of the walls that looked beat up
- Invested in our own Water Softener
- Went back to Menards because we forgot something
- Bought & installed a new Kitchen Sink & Facet
- Purchased a New Lawn mower & weed whacker
- Acquired a Malfunctioning Oven (beeping F7 errors ftl)
- Made a plethora of phone calls to Utility companies to switch things over from the old place & to find someone to fix the oven
- Assembled Two out of the Eight Dining Room Chairs so we had a place to sit
- Went back, yet again, to Menards because we bought the incorrect tool
- Put together a new Coffee Table with four little stools that slide under
- Found out that our Blower doesn't work so we don't have AC inside the house
- Cleaned the entire kitchen from head to toe

Had a beer & then fell over from exhaustion...

Sunday Morning rolled around and you couldn't pull us out of bed even if the house was on fire.

The only thing that got me up (see: Eventually) was Children's Week that started Sunday.

:::::::::::SIDE STORY::::::::

I have a little confession to make... I've been so gung ho about these Holiday Achievements since they were availible but one thing got in my way... Abigora. You see, about a year ago, we introduced a friend of ours to the game and I figured that we could hit up the Recruit - A- Friend with him to get him started. Abigora was young & the Holidays were in full force that year. Fuubaar had become an Elder, a Love Fool, & a Noble in a span of only a few months. You could feel the guilt in the air and it was thick.

Since Noblegarden & Children's Week over lapped it proved to be too much. I got everything finished but the elusive School of Hard Knocks. I threw my hands up in frustration & didn't finish the holiday. I wanted to get back to leveling with our friend and hit 60 before the Recruit- A- Friend expired.

Needless to say, we did hit 60 and headed to Outlands right before the wedding in July. Then Abigora sat in Honor Hold at 62 untouched for over a month while the wedding settled down. I did finish up the remainder of the holidays that year. Hell, I even had time to do the Fire Festival (one of my Faves btw). Brewfest was my last holiday before the cycle started over again.

Then it hit me... I was all of 1 Achievement away from Finishing the Meta Achievement What a Long, Strange Trip & receive my Violet Proto-Drake 310% style.

Children's Week: School of Hard Knocks

Even thought I was buying a house this year, I told myself (and Fulguralis) that I HAVE to finish this achievement. There is no way in hell that I'm waiting an entire year (AGAIN) to finish this.

::::: Back to live Action::::::

So I woke up on Sunday with a Goal. PvP or Bust! So Fulguralis jumped onto Decedereful (his pvp DK toon) & I on Fuu with our child whistles in hand & off we went.

Needless to say, it was, at sometimes horrifyingly annoying and keyboard smashingly infuriating.

First up: Eye of The Storm

Objective~ Cap a Flag

Decedereful & I went and Defended the Mage Tower right from the start. It was just both of us there for the first 2 minutes until I saw one of our Alliance guys running towards us with his child not far behind. It was mass chaos in the center of the field. There were only a hand full of people running around & Defending towers while the rest were in the center. The Alliance held two and were scrounging to acquire a third. The Horde on the other hand carelessly offered themselves as cannon fodder to those who actually pvped. The Alliance controlled the center now with 3 towers working on the fourth. Thus, pinning the Horde on their little ledge. you could tell with their 30 seconds of time out was up because a flood of them would shoot out of the top in a sea of red only to head straight to the center & die once again. I got my cap & Decedereful got a HUGE number of HKs & Killing blows from the clueless Horde. Easy as Pie :)

Next Up: Warsong Gulch

Objective ~ Return an Enemy Flag

This was probably the most absurd Battleground I've ever been in to date. If you've ever seen how Warsong Gulch normally works is right from the start, everyone runs out & Bee-lines it straight to the enemy Flag room or scrums in the middle for the entire time. No one I mean NO ONE ever defends unless you take it upon yourself to do it.

What was happening, for this event, was someone from the opposite faction would come into your flag room. Proceeded with caution usually using emotes to tell you that they wanted to help you. Pick up your flag & repeatedly drop it while everyone in the room would cap it for their achievement. The biggest hurdle was usually trying to get your team to stop killing the person who was trying to help you. Their instincts were HORDE IN MY ROOM KILL HIM NAO! Then everyone would start scolding the newb who didn't pay attention. Usually there would be around 5-7 people of your own faction sitting around with their orphans out waiting for the nice little Horde (or Alliance) to give them the flag. The funny part of the whole thing is you would have random battles erupt because either another Horde (or Alliance) would come in & spoil the fun. For some odd reason it always seemed to be a damn Warlock! He would hide up on top & spam Dots on his unsuspecting victims. Anyone who knew how to pvp would run after the perpetrator & either kill him or scare them off.

Once the battle ended, I saw the most amusing stat and I had to screen shot it:

Really? You felt it necessary to cap the flag 25 times?! Really?!

Continuing on: Arathi Basin

Objective~ Assault a Flag

This was really a hit or miss & it all depended on your team. If they sucked, you weren't getting anywhere fast. You had to either cap it right off the bat or you had to really be at the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to had finished this one last year so I didn't really have to worry too much about it. Fulguralis decided that if he was going to help me on Decedereful this year, that he was going to get it too. So I wanted to try to help him out but I'm about as useful as a poppy flavored lolli-pop on Fuubaar, so he ended up doing this without me.

Good Luck to you on this one!

Last but not least: Alterac Valley

Objective~ Assault a Tower (or Bunker if you are a Horde)

Remember recapping one of the Alliance Bunkers DOES NOT GET YOU YOUR ACHIEVEMENT! I was all pumped in wanting to help out both factions at once so I went back up to one of the Assaulted Bunkers that the horde were sitting at waiting for some sucker to cap it again. Not sure if it was just our Server but we had some real assholes.

Ok, here are the two gems we met in Alterac Valley.

Asshole #1: I was running back to help out the horde at one of the Bunkers. I slowly walked up the stairs & emotes /wait and had my child up. Everyone just sat there & /cheer 'ed at me so I figured I was in the clear. So I wondered over to the flag & just as I was about to get it, this stupid Shaman Shot me from the other side of the room interrupting my cast. I have no clue why he did this. This was only screwing over his own faction Achievement guys. So I Line of Sighted him outside of the Bunker & cleansed myself. I thought maybe it was just an accident & the rest of the room was yelling at him right about then. So I came back inside to start the process over again & again he put his DoT on me. Thus, interrupting me. So I jumped out of the window and said screw helping. Well the R-tard jumped after me and tried to kill me. Not sure what this guys problem was really. Trying to screw his own faction...

Asshole #2: You can tell when you have rooms for the Achievement people because it's completely FULL of people. It's like a total Rave party in there. Tauren with Glow sticks & whip-its, Orcs running around trying to score drugs, Blood Elves Dancing their hearts out to the music, Night Elves dancing naked on the mail boxes, Gnomes spanking each other... Needless to say it was getting rowdy in there. So, the cap trading was under way. Horde would cap it & then when it was the Alliance's turn, some D-bag Orc Warlock would fear bomb the room interrupting the caster (probably pissed he wasn't getting any in the rave). And then he would start Doting up the room so that the alliance would slowly keel over & die because they weren't paying attention to their health. Once someone from the Alliance started fighting back, their entire faction would gang up on us thus killing most of our Achievement guys. So here's to you Mr. Orc Warlock... I hope you DIAFF :)

I really think if you don't get it on the Zerg, you'll be Extremely lucky to get it in one of these rooms. My biggest tip is to go for the bottom two Towers (or top two if you are Horde). Once you have it finished, try a few times to help out the other faction. Have your Child out & emote /wait before entering the room of Horde. If they attack you, try to survive & don't fight back. They might stop because their faction is yelling at them. If there is one of these assholes in the group though, just wave goodbye & don't bother going back to that Tower because it will only frustrate you further.

Good Luck to those who are still in the hunt to become a Matron or Patron.

<3 Fuu


  1. "Really? You felt it necessary to cap the flag 25 times?! Really?!"

    That's someone standing around in a tower with a bunch of the opposing side, capping and recapping so people can get their achievement. The person below them with 15 caps, and the person at the bottom with 19 caps, were probably doing the same thing.

  2. That said, talk about a tolerance for boredom. 25. Sheesh.

  3. So glad I finished "what a long strange..." before I bought my house.

    Also my wife and I joke that our date nights are now spent at the local home improvement store picking light fixtures, outlet covers, major appliances and crown molding styles.

    Who am i?

  4. @ Stop, no, that was from Warsong Gulch. They were just in the flag room capping every single Flag that the horde dropped.

  5. The achievement is 50 returns. My guess is that he was going for that.

    I completed these achievements last year, but was attempting to help guildies with their alts. Something about druids doing herbalism with 310 flight speed and all. OMG W/E.

    Anyways, Horde was absolutely lousy last night in EotS. 0/4 bases held in 4 different attempts. Just had to laugh after at some horde noob grabbed the flag and we held no bases.. No amount of yelling /bg chat was going to convince people to defend the bases.. I even tried commenting before we all started. "defend bases or we lose, 0 bases = no achievement".. yeah, no luck.

    Why does the lack of experience stop people from common sense? Read and follow bg chat. I am just trying to help?!

  6. Congrats on your 310 Dragon! I really hope Blizzard lets all mounts be the highest speed you have someday. I really miss some of my other pretty mounts.

    Once you get use to the 310 you will not go back.

  7. Sadly I will probably never get the long strange trip achievement, I simply can't get into the pvp aspect.. guess i'll have to just run the eye until i get the phoenix to drop.. hehe

  8. from what I've heard, in cat, they'll let you train(?) to convert all your mounts to 310. That 280 drake and class flying mount will once again see the light.