Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nefarius Deeds

Our guild took one of Fuu's ten suggestions from yesterday and put it into action last night. Specifically, we did #7: we went back and raided some "Vanilla" content before it goes the way of the Dodo.  Last night it was Upper Blackrock Spire and Blackwing Lair.  Both of these raids can be found in that huge mountain that is smack in the middle of the Eastern Kingdoms.  You know, Blackrock Mountain.  

We loaded up vent, cracked open a few beers, and proceeded to blitz through the two zones.  As with many things in life, it's not so much what you do as who you do them with.  Great folks make for great times, and I caught some moderately epic screenies I'd like to share.   After all, this content is available for a Limited Time Only!

 We definitely picked up our Jenkins titles (for those that didn't have it).  We glitched a few encounters.  Not sure exactly why or how, but several times we ended up stuck behind gates or with a spawn point that wouldn't stop spawning.  We just reset the instance and got back to business.

The dude with the eggs.  What was his name again?  Yeah, you have to mind control him and kill all the eggs first.  If you find yourself in a room with big eggs (not The Rookery, where you get Jenkins, but in BWL) and a lazer beam shooting across the room, DO NOT just blitz the baddies.  If you kill the main guy without killing all the eggs, he sort of wipes the party.  Fair warning.

That was our only wipe of the night, though I had several suicides due to getting stuck behind a gate.  I actually started dropping my Lockport everywhere just in case.  They just don't make 'em like they used to...

Eventually we made it to the final boss, Nefarius, who at one time represented quite the epic battle.  I mean, he was at the tail end of probably 8 hours worth of raiding, and a pretty complicated fight to boot.  I'd like to say there was a sense of awe stepping onto his throne balcony, but, really, we just tried to talk some mad shit, ya know, because we could.

How Far The Mighty Have Fallen

Having successfully taunted the auspicious and evil dragon into attacking, we proceeded to continue our trend of facing bosses "stratless" and wiped the floor with him.  Every actual Vanilla raider right now is probably cringing at our lack of reverence and respect. 

Nefarian Killshots: Get 'em before they're gone!

One of our guildies actually used to raid in Vanilla.  He was our designated Tour Guide for the night.  Being a Burning Crusade child m'self, I could relate a little to his cringing.  There are still times when we take someone back through Kara and you conjure up your memories of each boss.  The explanations all go a little something like this:

Tour Guide: Now, this guy was a real bastard.  Back in the day we wiped for months on him.  He has this rather nasty... 
*New Adventurer runs in, aggros boss*
Tour Guide: Okay, okay.  We probably don't need to worry about that, but you're going to want to...
*Boss dies*
Tour Guide:  Well, I assure you, this guy used to be one of the hardest fights in...
*New Adventurer runs to next room*
Tour Guide: /sigh
The cool part after you kill this dude is that, like Onyxia, there is a head to mount!  I mean who doesn't like a good head quest?  Don't all amazing adventures end with head?  


In any case, we got a sweet shout out:
I'm sure the three other people in /yell range were thrilled.

And, of course, the head:
Who doesn't like a gratuitous use of chains?

It's cool because every time you do something like this, I think there is at least one person standing nearby that had no idea this was even possible in the game.  They see a tied up head and you get a whisper: "WTF is THAT?!"  I hope that we see some more epic endings like this, since TBC and Wrath seemed to get away from the public displays of gore.  Wrath did a little of the epic announcements with the random monuments in Dalaran and stuff, but I'd love to see some more enemy heads mounted on the castle walls.  Who's with me?

All in all, it was a rather fun night and we knocked out all of the content in just about 2 hours with 8 people (7 80's and a 70-something).   Good times and a great way to shake things up if you're still working on ICC like we are.  Plus, chances are all this Vanilla raid content is going to be gone come Cataclysm.  There's no better time than now to see it.


  1. I totally identify with that tour guide you had that used to run raids in Vanilla.

  2. In your screens, could you tell us what unitframe addon you use? It looks quite useful. If it requires heavy config, could you post that also? :)

    Your blog posts over the last few months inspired me to take a break from the DK, dust off my warlock and go steal souls again. Keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah, my UI is actually pretty basic and old in that I haven't changed it forever. I went looking to see when the last time I'd done a UI post was, and couldn't find it, so it's probably time I do one. I'll try to get to a proper post next week. The good news is that I don't do any heavy config of anything. I pretty much just most stuff around the skin and keep it simple.

    The unitframe addon I'm using is Xperl. It can be found on Curse. Dominos is responsible for my bars too. That one had a little more set up as you have to drag and resize the bars how you want, but I didn't do anything special.

    Hopefully that's initially what you're looking for. If not, I'll try to do more.

  4. I love going back and doing old content, a shame nobody does it for fun anymore, just quick speedy achievements.