Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fuubaar's Top 10 List of A.D.D. Crap To Do Before Cataclysm

Hey Gang!

As the mass majority of you out there are winding down waiting for Cataclysm news, you find yourself not logging into the World of Warcraft quite as often as you had before. I’ve compiled a list of things that I’m currently doing in-game to keep myself busy with goals. I’ve ranked them in the order of easiness (10 being the easiest while 1 is excruciatingly difficult & time consuming). I’ve also listed things that you can do by yourself (aka Solo). You are more than welcome / encouraged to do these tasks with friends to make them a lot more fun & fulfilling but, again, this is to fill up your own time because others aren’t logging on nearly as much. It sucks when you are in the middle of something and someone else ruins your plans.

10) Finish up the Argent Tournament: If you’re like me, you probably got very excited when ToC came out and felt the urge to Champion all of the Horde or Alliance cities. Well, if you’re also like me, you got through 2-3 cities before you lost interest. It’s probably been long enough by now that you’ve forgotten how truly boring it really is (see: ADD) and could force yourself to finish those up. Hell, just try to do one full round and see how it feels. If it still brings back painful memories, call it a loss and move on.

9) Northrend Reputation: I’m assuming that you’ve probably worn every tabard that you could get your grubby little hands on and are now exalted with every one of these factions. Well, what about the Factions that don’t give you a tabard? Go look; I’ll wait… yeah that’s what I thought! You aren’t quite done now are you? Get to it! Those Walrus men have many Wolvar puppies to steal!

8) Northrend Heroic Achievements: Many of us are quite ill at the thought of running more Random Heroics by now. As your gear goes up, the speed of bosses living goes way… way down. Like 30 seconds down. Like He spawns in an instance, and he dies instantly because you thought about running that heroic. I’ll bet that if you were to look at your Achievement Tab for Heroic Achievements, I’ll bet that there are more accomplished than you realized. Gather up some of your best friends & finish the remainder of those up! This shouldn’t be too terribly hard if you have the right people. Plus, you get a mount!

7) Kalimdor/ Eastern Kingdoms Dungeons: Let’s head to Vanilla shall we? Depending on when you started playing WoW, you’ve either blown so far past these instances that you’ve never set foot inside them, or it’s been so damn long ago that you’ve done these, that you might have forgotten the beauty that these old instances hold. Pull up your Classic Dungeon-master Achievements and start filling them in. This is going to require quite a bit of traveling on your end but if you have the flight paths, you could knock out every instance in a matter of hours. I would not only suggest figuring out what you need to run, but also figure out where they are located. This will really make your travel time sleek and as slim as possible while finishing this achievement. Not only is this one pretty simple to complete but it’s really the best time to do it so that you can say that you’ve seen what these instances used to look like before the big Cataclysm ripped them a new one (literally).

6) Outland Dungeon/ Heroics: If you have a lvl 80 toon of any class, I’m pretty sure that you could Solo Outland Heroics. I’ve been doing this with my Protection Paladin and I haven’t run into any major problems. Now, this is not to say that I haven’t gotten myself killed a few times... because I have. I’m pretty sure that every class will feel differently about these heroics. DPS could burn down a single target pretty damn quickly and may struggle with pulling large packs of mobs. Whereas, Tanks have a problem with burning things down fast enough but could tank large groups of mobs for days without much fuss. Healers, on the other hand, I have no clue about you. You may just want to switch to an off-spec to achieve this. I mean if you’re a Priest & have Holy & Disc as your two chosen specs, then Smite away you mighty Smiters! Let me know how that turns out. I’ve also noticed that I had to deal with some of the gimmicks that a DPS didn’t even know existed such as kiting Bosses, or interrupts just to name a few. I’m also going to attach a warning to this if you are indeed soloing these on a Heroic level: Since you are a lvl 80 & have such a small aggro box, you will tend to skip pulls and head straight to a Boss without much thought. The Major problem with this is that some of these Bosses, when engaging them, tend to pull the entire room that you skipped. Please be aware of this before engaging a boss. This could lead to a wipe & body run of embarrassment. It’s almost humorous when you engage a boss & you see a sea of red mobs running straight to you. Just an FYI :)

5) Outlands Reputation: Again, depending on when you entered the game, you may or may not have a large task at hand with this one. Similar to Northrend, heroics offer you reputation by simply killing mobs. Please note: You do not need a Faction Tabard to grind specific reputation. In Outlands, you have to run a specific dungeon to get specific rep for each faction. For example: Cent. Expedition, you will need to run Coilfang Instances that are located at the bottom of the lake in Zangermarsh. If you are super lazy and just want to run random heroics, go for it & just note what reputation you are receiving from each one. I’m pretty sure that if you want to get your Outland Dungeon/ Heroics Achievements finished first, you’ll have a nice chunk of Rep. already completed. For the factions that are not represented in a dungeon, this will require completing dailies and/or Repeatable turn in quests. Some of these repeatable quest items can be found on the AH and I suggest looking there if you want to become exalted quickly rather than inexpensively. I would also suggest looking into some of the neat little things you can buy with Faction Reputation. Non-combat pets, tabards (that you’ll actually want to wear), & mounts (Riding & Flying) are definitely some of the best rewards that you can get. Have fun!

4) Attunements & Keys: This may or may not seem pointless because a lot of these attunements or keys aren’t needed anymore. But what else are you gunna do with your time?! In Wrath of the Lich king, there weren’t any attunements or keys factored in because they weren’t “fun” for the player. But here’s the thing, these story lines of how the instance was locked away or how the bad guy inside came to be is lost without these quests chains. What really got me on the kick to work on these attunements/ gather keys was the Karazan Raid. To this day, you still need a key to get inside. The Karazan key/ urn of Nightbane quests will take you all over the place in Outlands & into a lot of dungeons that you’ll need keys for as well. This one could be a doozey if you let it.

3) Non-combat Pet/ Mount Collecting: Some of these are extremely easy to get/ purchase from a vendor or a quest chain. While others, are downright luck based drops or Reputation grinds. If you really like vanity stuff, this could seem endless (hence why it’s number 3 on my list). With the reputation grinds that you are accomplishing, you’ll definitely be gathering up some of these cuties right & left. The biggest Challenge that I present to you will be the luck based drops. Examples for vanity pets are the little Whelps that could drop from your first mob or your one millionth. These little guys are so adorable & they squeak when you poke them. If you are a dragon lover such as myself, you’ve gotta catch em all. Plus, I have a horrible feeling that since these old world zones are being torn asunder, these pets might not be available much longer. Same with some Mounts, as zones & instances are being reworked, who knows if these little goodies will still be around. Good Luck!

2) Loremaster/ Seeker Achievements: Yeah, you knew that I would go here. If you are the ultimate completionist, this should be on the top of your list of things to do. This is actually quite nice to accomplish if you do it in chunks. Working by zone or Continent really makes this task look a lot more digestible. If you are serious about completing this one, I would suggest downloading an addon from called “EveryQuest” It lets you view all of the quests that you have previously completed and ones that you still need to complete that count towards your Loremaster title. If you do complete these achievements, you’ll receive the Dungeon ones too.

Drum Roll Please…..

1) Insane in the Membrane Feat of Strength: Can I say one thing here: HOT DAMN! If you really want everyone to know how bored you are right now, tackle this Achievement and you, my friend, are a badass of the ultimate kind. If someone called you a “No-Lifer” before, those fools will grovel at your feet and call you their King. Not only would you become Exalted with some of the most obscure Factions in the game, but you would probably have to dig down deep and have to become hated with Goblins & then make them love you again without pissing of Pirates (yeah that sounds pretty insane by itself). There have been so many strats on how to achieve this written that I’m not going to even bother. I must say though, I highly suggest making a plan before you attempt. Make sure that you know what’s involved and what’s at stake here. Not only will these be extremely time consuming but extremely expensive if you let it. In the end, you will have the coolest (subjective) & hardest to achieve title in the game. This title is so rare that I’ve actually never seen it in game.

So there you have it folks. This list, if completed will probably take you well into Cataclysm. If you’re sitting there complaining that you have nothing to do…. PACK OF LIES! If you are that one guy who has achieved every single Achievement in-game, then fine, you win. But the rest of you 10.9 Million slackers better start crackin’ because boredom doesn’t go away by itself ;)

<3 Fuu


  1. I'm definately going for Glory of the Hero. I've got 3 left, Watch Him Die, Zombiefest, and Less-Rabi (probably the most difficult of all in the list to get). I've got a guildie going for Insane in the Membrane. He's been at it for a few months. So I think if anyone would go for it you better start, like now!

    Yep, there's still plenty to do, that's for sure!

  2. @ Gronthe

    Funny story: I actually saw my first " the insane" last night. It was a level 80 hunter. So I talked to her (it was a female toon) and she stated that it took her around 6 months to complete. She also stated that she had an absolute blast.

    I saluted her & logged off of my banker toon.

    So there you have it Folks... it's a 6 month endevor. If you think about it though, If you get "What a long, Strange Trip" that takes you a full year to complete. Six Months is pie compared to that ;)

    <3 Fuu

  3. I just finished loremaster and I am starting to go back and hit whatever dungeons (vanilla,tbc) I never hit. In the meantime I have an alt farming in terrokar forest for my main can turn in 1k+ dreadfang venom sacs for "hero of shattarah". Thats a PITA one too.

  4. Good luck soloing outland heroics with a priest (or any class, that is not prot pala, blood dk or bm hunter...)

  5. I've already done everything on your list on my main, and am currently leveling my third character to 80.

    Can we get Cataclysm any faster?!?

  6. We have 3 Insanes in my guild. I myself couldn't handle that so I went for The Exalted. Fine for me. :)

  7. Insane title rare? Maybe a year ago, now i know at least 30 people on my realm that have it.

  8. "Insane title rare? Maybe a year ago, now i know at least 30 people on my realm that have it."

    Even if that's true, that's still around 30/5000. Or 0.6%

  9. For all unholy DKs trying the dungeon ones, if your pet kills something before you, yourself, attack it, you can't loot it.

  10. Dungeon runs - you just need to kill the last boss. You can stealth or whatever to the last boss and kill them. Or, if you are so bad assed, train the entire instance while running full speed to the boss, and AOE everything down.

    Also there is an attunement in Wraith, Malygos. One person needs the key.

  11. Insane does takes 6 months, but 6 MONTHS. I mean, you're supposed to stop raiding and questing, since running Dire Maul is pretty much all you do during those 6 months.

  12. The best part about the Insane title is that you tend to get to know everyone else with it. It's an automatic in, a conversation starter. People come up and whisper you asking how you got it, or you chat with other "insane" people's bank alts.

    You may never know their main, and they may never know yours, but you'll still be good friends... because only another crazy person knows what it's like.

  13. @ Everyone saying that the Insanity Title isn't rare. It is so because I dont see them very often. This could either be that people dont display it (I doubt they choose the Jenkin's title over this) or people just dont have it on my server. I'll have to look at the stats on people actually having this achievement but I'm gunna say that is it one of the most rare titles in game. If someone could shoot me to a place where I can find this out, I'll eat my words.

    @ the Soloing Dungeon thoughts, There was only one 5 man heroic that I could not solo and that was Magisters' Terrace. Not only were the pulls brutal but the last boss proved to be too much for me. I ended up having Ful bring in his warlock and burn him down. Ful still ended up dying & I only had 25% health left. I was probably doing it wrong but that one you can't bruit force it.

    All of the rest of the heroics were pretty straight forward. I would pull as much as I could (in regards to trash) and see what I could get away with. I did wipe a few times (more than I feel comfortable telling you ;)

    Biggest suggestion that I have when trying to solo anything is first try to bruit force it & if that fails, read the strats. If that fails bring in your trusty pocket DPS to help you bruit force it.

    @ Rob Dejournett (nice last name btw)

    This is true about only needing the last boss for the instance. I would be aware that some instances require you to kill the other bosses before hand (Underbog or Steam Vaults one of those you have to pull a lever).

    Regarding the "attunement for Malygos" I laugh. Not at you, you are only pointing out that this is the only instance that requires a key and I sorta agree with you. But I would not call this an attunement really. It's a 100% drop rate from Naxx & it's not a quest telling you why the hell they had the key in the first place nor what connection it has to malygos at all. Attunement quests bring in Lore about where you found it, why they had it, & how that leads you to the next location that you can now unlock.

    I really hope that they bring these back for Cata because I believe that they provide flow from one Raid or instance to another in cronological order instead of the mass chayos that was Wrath.

    Thanks everyone for the comments! Good luck in defeating the bordom bug :D

    <3 Fuu

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  15. Gotten items ten through six done, have the Game Hunter for three, and I'm close to getting the Insane title - at revered with Darkmoon Faire and max honored with Ravenholdt, so after them I'll be done!

    One achievement I'd tag onto this while working through Outland is the FoS "Hero of Shattrath." No fancy title, but it's certainly something to work into. If you pace your grinding out, you could have this within a week. Plus the hand-ins for Scryers/Aldor are inexpensive right now, so you won't go for broke here.

    For Insane, what I found helpful in funding this was putting my emblems and honor into Primordial Saronite, Crusader Orbs, and uncut gems to put on the AH. These items tend to sell really fast, and if you're dilligent about heroic daily dungeons, VoA & ICC raiding, and regular battlegrounds, you can get a steady supply of these items to put on the AH. After I finished my t10 set and went this route, my bag started filling with more gold than I knew what to do with. Just a helpful tip for all those people out there who are just as Insane as me (or at least hope to be <(^_~<) )!

  16. @ Michael

    Good Suggestions! I've been selling Primordial Saronite for a little while now so that I can line my pockets before Cataclysm. I also have noticed since I've been doing random achievements I've probably made over 5k gold in cloth, Greens, and vender junk. Probably not the most efficient way of making gold but it sure is better than doing dailies.

    Also, I wanted to know for some odd reason your comment showed up twice so I just took one of them off so it didn't appear so spammy.

    <3 Fuu

  17. So youre quite right fuu, soloing outland heroics is nice and easy, except magister's terrace. I can do it on my feral druid (i farmed kael's white chicken), but sometimes only just... 1st boss cake, 2nd boss quite tricky, juggling the debuff you get there, 3rd boss also cake, and kael... ugh. eventually figured out that if i go in in cat form and pop berzerk i can burn him down to 50% fast enough that he doesnt pyroblast... but only just.

    Its a pretty good list you've got here, but there's one thing thats not on it that i'm trying to do at the moment: get one of every class to 80! only four to go, and i have those four to at least 60... i reckon i'll make it in time for cataclysm!

    ...and then start all over again with a goblin and a worgen :P