Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Internet Withdrawal

Wahoo! Back. Is it a sign of addiction that we find ourselves constantly fidgeting when we are forced to spend one extended weekend without internet?  It's not even like we weren't busy either: this weekend was the Big Move.  We got everything un-crammed from Apartment and spread out into House.  Well, not everything.  There are still a handful of boxes, but we did damn good!

But what of this Internet Addiction?  Does being "unplugged" give you guys a twitch as well?  It's not even simply a lack of WoW; it's a lack of everything.  Increasingly, our entire social and business networks are online.  I rely more on email than I do on making phone calls (of which we [read:Fuu] made a ton) or sending paper (snail) mail.

We weren't completely disconnected either.  I mean we still had the ubiquitous iPhone, but that will only get you so far.  

It also wasn't like when you go on vacation either.  You see, on vacation the point is to get away from things and relax.  Being unplugged is almost a part of that, so I guess I don't cringe as much at my lack of CAT5E connections.  It's sort of expected.

Being at home, though... yikes!  It's like, even while everything else is in a box, there should still be an internet enabled computer somewhere.  I can do without TV, I get that that has to be packed... but why my computer?  They're the last things to go and the first to be unpacked.   Gotta get the new workstation set up pronto!

Perhaps the most exciting part of our move was when we knew the cable guy was coming.  It was like the move wasn't complete until we were wired again.  How sad is that?

 I figured that I could commiserate with you, interwebs, because this is a two-way relationship and you were as cut off from me I was from you.  I'm sure you didn't miss me as much, since you are seeing all these other cool folks, but I'll bet in the dark of the night, there was at least one tear shed for me.

In any case, things should start to semi-pick back up around here as we get settled in the new digs.  I need to get one of those crazy plastic mats for my office chair (rollers on carpet suck, fwiw).  I'm also going to poach 25' of Ethernet cable from a good buddy and fellow raider.  I'm not taking the chance that running the microwave knocks out my wireless, so hardwired FTW.  At least for the gaming set up.

The cable guy probably thought we were some sort of crazy sophisticated drug runners.  Or at least some sort of stay at home tycoon couple.  We have a whole room that is the "us" room.  It consists of a large screen TV and two nice desks with integrated gaming rigs.  It's also right next to the kitchen and the bathroom.  I think in a former life it was the "formal living" room, but who actually uses those?  Maybe once we have kids The Lab (as I'm now dubbing it) will have to get hidden upstairs (or in a secret underground lair, whatever the case may be), but for now it's just going to freak out the nice maintenance folk that stop by.  Hell, I bet they're jealous.

I think coffee and writing are getting rid of my internet withdrawal twitch.  Just what the WebMD ordered.  Now I'll just be jittery the rest of the day.  Ah, back to the RL grind...


  1. I can totally relate. Unfortunately my lack of Internets as of lately is due to dsl fail. New house also, so got some crazy man-cave action, just to have my DSL die when it's raining outside. AT&T WHERE ARE YOU! Hoping no rain tonight.. Maybe get that weekly raid down.