Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WoW Patch Report - TL;DP

That stands for "Too Long; Didn't Play," and is an accurate representation of how my patch day went. Not only that, but the massive download drove my League of Legends ping through the roof. Even on a separate computer. Apparently the download is a bandwidth hog.

So I turned off the updater when I was at the computer playing LoL. I brought it back up on both computers before I went to bed, and let 'em work through the night. Everything appears to have downloaded properly, so tonight I'm hoping I can jump on for a bit. We'll see because I also have a fantasy football draft tonight.

Aside: Here's a different between gamers and fantasy sports folks. When logging into our live draft, apparently the live draft servers were all down. The error that pops up (our league is hosted by Yahoo), claims that you may have a firewall issue. But as a gamer, I know better. We develop a second sense for server weakness, am I right?

Sure enough, the forums explode with traffic. "I don't use a firewall, what's the dillio?" Etc, etc. Fantasy sports folks immediately get defensive. I.E. - "I swear, I didn't do anything. Just tell me what buttons to press and I'll do it." It's like a masked bandit is holding their loved ones ransom. Or maybe they're the lone civilian trying to disarm a bomb over the phone.

Gamers immediately get offensive. Like we think we're John Rambo or something I.E. - "Wtf, devs. Get your shit together. It's launch day motha-" And then we dress up in our best Call of Duty cosplay and take angry pictures with giant images of the devs photoshopped in.

(Okay, I've never done that, but I'll bet someone has.)

Stupid live draft servers. It ended up auto-drafting for everyone, which pissed everyone off. So we blew up the league, formed a new one, and rescheduled our draft for tonight. Here's hoping the servers will work this time.

So yeah, we'll see how tonight goes.


  1. Must be Guild Wars 2 guys running the draft servers. ZINGA! Yeah, I went there.

  2. Yeah, I started playing before the download was completed. All the beetles in Orgrimmar shown up as polar bears. It was cute and funny, but made it so I really didn't want to kill them.. (Still a couple thousand from the critter killer guild achieves.)

  3. Ha. That's actually pretty funny.

    I was getting the 0% error while trying to download early. Then I played LoL. When I started the download again, it started from 0%. I didn't watch, and went to bed. The magic of time brought it to 100%. As far as I'm concerned, there was no middle. :-)

  4. I had the patch downloaded already from leaving my PC on most of the weekend and letting the down loader do its thing. When I went to log on the game ran some sort of 'optimizer' that cleaned up the WoW installation. This took over an hour to complete for me.

  5. Hmm. I think I dodged the optimizer. Maybe because I didn't start early so it did that all in one step?