Monday, February 20, 2012

Ski Trip

I'll be gone for the next four days on a ski trip. Being good Midwesterners, we try to seize the opportunity at least once per year to play about on some geography (of which we are woefully short in most of the region). Though, being not particularly adventurous, this means we head up to Boyne in northern Michigan. We go with several friends, and about half of the party doesn't really ski (which is why we don't go someplace really cool, where the beer flows like wine... you know, like Asssspen).

And no, none of us snowboards. In fact, I make it my job to spray the snowboarders sitting on the hill whenever possible. Seriously, there are enough orange plastic obstacles. 

Annnnyway, depending on how things go, I may not be around much. I think we have wifi and I will have the laptop, so who knows. I may stop in.

But, if not, I leave you with this: apparently, I'm not the only one who things ski poles should also function as lightsabers.
Not me. I don't do the sideways arms... anymore. For this fella's DeviantArt, see here.

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