Monday, February 13, 2012

Developing a Routine

Being a casual gamer and an Extreme Creature of Habit, developing a routine is paramount to my gaming enjoyment at level cap. Dailies are something to be reveled in, at least for a few months (obviously, they do become stale after a while). Somewhere around an hour is my desired time limit. I want to be able to log in, run through an expected series of activities, and have the choice to log out, finished, after 60 minutes. I suspect I'm not alone in this aim.

Sure, I may stay on and do other things, but that just depends on the night. The purpose of the routine is to form a base of activity that assures you're "getting somewhere." Given long enough, you'll achieve your goals, and maybe adapt, add/subtract from the queue, whatever. Some of my initial consternation with max level TOR was that I had no idea what my routine was. After some light research and play-testing, I've settled into it. Here's how it looks:
  • Log in, fly to planet, pick up dailies. Currently this is in Ilum, but I may try out some Belsavis ones once I get bored.
  • Queue for solo Warzones.
  • Complete dailies as quick as possible. After completing last daily, call a shuttle to one of the hubs for turn-in, take a speeder to the other.
  • Accept Warzone queue when it pops, keep re-queuing until I get my three wins (or my hour is up).
  • Generally, this is as far as I make it, but if I get really lucky with the Warzones, then I'll head out to the open PvP area to see what's up, maybe snag a few armaments/kills.
  • Fleet Pass to turn in PvP dailies/weeklies (if I completed any). Log out here so I can re-pick them up tomorrow, otherwise log out on the ship (faster for loading).
This actually works pretty well, though if I'm being strict about the hour, it usually takes me several days to finish the PvP stuff. I'm Republic, and, well, that says what you need to know I think. As a proud Alliance member in WoW, being the perpetual underdog is a feeling I'm used to.

Speaking of WoW, my routine there was pretty much the same, though I usually had to choose between dailies or BG's, since my PvE and PvP toons were separate. I like that there are several dailies and weeklies for PvP in TOR. Before WoW let you continue to get Conquest Points, when I would win my first BG, I used to go: "now what?"

Anyway, how about you, dear reader? Do you shoot for a routine? How long is it? What activities are you including/excluding?


  1. Thats a good idea. Its just something I never seem to manage!

    My problem is I juggle too many things. I know I have too many things to do and I try to do them all. I am trying to level my SWTOR character, do holiday achievements on two characters, gear as many characters as possible through LFR, find a character I really like playing in PvP and gear her, make gold somehow, level new characters, etc.

    So I have a to do list. Each week I set myself a number of goals that I want to complete. And then I go and complete them. Its much the same way I do my job (where I also have too many things to do!)

  2. Yeah, generally this routine is highly dependent on my to-do list as well. Typically I try to fill the routine with activities that will help me toward more long-term goals. Then, maybe one week instead of doing the dailies I do holiday stuff, or make trades like that. Sort of the same theory, right?

  3. Try grinding out the 270 Love Tokens for the holiday mount in WoW. You have to go to SW, IF, Darn, and Uldum, queue up for the holiday boss, and then grind out 30 lovely charms for the three charm bracelets for the next day.
    I wish they'd make these sorts of tokens BoA so I could trade them between toons.

  4. See, now routine =/= grind how I do it. One of the reason I have never gotten into the whole holiday thing in WoW is that they are only up for a limited time (as is their nature). Thus, there's not really a way to condense what I would need to do to get any of the "good rewards" into a one hour routine. They typically require more than that if you're going to make it before the deadline.

    This is fine, it just means that the holiday stuff isn't "for me."