Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hallow's Eve. The most warlocky holiday. I think I'll put on Valentis's top hat and go as a Gilnean. I'll fly around on my magical broomstick, spooky lamp in tow, and yell: "'Ello Gov'ner!" And I'll kill some mages. I don't care what they say... Sheep is NOT a costume.

Watch your back or I'll throw a pumpkin on your head.  Or turn you into a ninja.  Or a pirate.  And my pet will eat your pet.  But it's all in good fun, right?

(Besides, this is the one holiday where I have a good excuse to get my wife to dress up like one of those Silvermoon elves. /wink.)

Have a great holiday, everyone.  Don't beat up on the Headless Horseman too much.  He's really a good guy after you shard his soul a couple hundred times.

On second thought, who needs a top hat?  I look fellin good already.


  1. Thank you for not showing your picture of your lock riding the Horseman's mount. I've done the HH dungeon each day this week and STILL no flaming, flying horsey.


  2. That's because I don't have it either. I only have it on my DK, which I got first try... last year. :-)