Monday, October 17, 2011

Cyn's Tips: Corpse Running

Quick one this Monday.  Cynwise talks briefly (for him) about corpse running in battlegrounds.  Since we've put together our own fledgling Rated BG team, I've been on the lookout for the little things that differentiate a PvP player from a PvE player.  The majority of our team is PvE players that are trying out PvP (some for the first time).  It's something I've done for a long time now, and I'm realizing there are a lot of small things that you just don't learn in PvE.

Off hand, things like when to use CC and how to use terrain to your advantage come to mind.  A lot of these are things I do naturally now, that I never really realized I picked up.  When one of my guildies doesn't do it, I have a mini-WTF moment before I realize: they just don't know.  It's amazing sometimes to step back and reflect how different the two aspects of the same game can really be.  They honestly require a whole different skill-set, IMO.

Anyway, Cyn's explanation of corpse running is a good one.  It's something I could use to get better at as well.  I've only really done it in randoms in order to avoid someone GY camping.  It's never really occurred to me in the RBG's, though it should because the rez timer is so much longer there.  Also, with the return to GY button, there's really not a downside.  Tick off the timer in your head as you run, and return if it looks like you're not going to gain an advantage.  I mean, why not?

So check it out.  Share it with your team.  Go forth, and prosper.  (And all that junk.)


  1. Hee hee, it was brief for me! XD (1149 words, sigh, whatever happened to a 500 word essay?)

    Thanks for the link, I'm glad you found the article helpful. I think you're on to something interesting here, finding all the little things you learn in PvP that you never pick up in PvE. Using Demonic Circle and terrain comes to mind - put it on top of a hill, jump down, get melee to follow you, port back up.

    I'd love to hear about the other little things you've picked up in PvP!

  2. Yeah, I should start a collection, shouldn't I? *trots off to start a list*

    Recall, I'm primarily a DK in PvP, so I'll only notice things like the Demonic Circle when it ANNOYS THE FEL OUT OF ME. Most of the things are hard to explain I think... like how when you're going to be a FC, you should use the terrain to naturally shield you and your "tail" from the enemy. The longer it takes for them to figure out where you are, the better.

    Or, using the semi-transparent mini-map of the zone. (Ctrl-M is it? Something like that). People were wondering how I always seemed to know where they were and where the FCs and stuff... um, the map? :-)

  3. Ha, brainstorm... I've distilled it to four basic concepts and even have a catchy acronym: MUSK. Yeah, you smelled it here first. Now I just need to hash out the article. Thanks, Cyn. *Thumbs up*