Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally, Back to Being Chained

No more Unchained Magic! I never thought I'd celebrate restraint so joyously.  After what seemed like an entire summer (but was really probably six weeks of actual attempts when you don't count the normal summer attendance issues) of wiping on Sindragosa, we downed the bony bitch last night.  Yep, summer is officially over for us, as we head straight for the fall of the Lich King.  I know we're behind, but I'm quite proud of our extremely casual (2 hour/wk), ragtag raid crew.  We've really stuck with it.  It's not always easy moving at a snail's pace due to scheduling and all, but there isn't another place I'd rather be.

Sindy, We are SO over.

By the time all was said and done, we were pretty much pros at the first phases.  We would fly through the first 65% of her health, and get to the final phase in short order.  It just seemed like we couldn't ever put it together long enough to get over that final hump.  For the past three weeks, I think we were perpetually stuck at 14% wiping.  Then, last night, we started to see a 9%, then a 6%.  Then, finally, dead internet dragon.  And with the amount that she taunts in that freaking annoying voice of hers, we were all glad to see her go.  Betray this. /'lockfinger.

The key (apart from having a third healer, we'd been stubbornly trying with two for a lot of the attempts) for us was to have two designated spots to get entombed in the last phase, alternating between a closer "front" spot and a further "back" spot.  We just called them out on vent, and split the DPS so that half was going after one, and half the other.  This minimized the time the melee spent running (since they were only responsible for the front tomb), and provided a pretty clear rotation for clearing your debuff.  Of course, plans never go exactly as expected, and the actual victory push was probably more semi-organized chaos than anything else.  There was a b-rez.  There were a lot of close calls.  And when she fell, one poor sap passed out in his ice tomb.  I think we had more than half the raid still up.  I think.

What a hectic, challenging fight.  We now set our sights on the LK.  We may be behind the general curve of things, but we're right where we want to be. 

Afterward, we had about 15 mins left of raid time, so we went in to try to one shot the LK.  Got him to about 78% with absolutely no prep whatsoever.  Any tips for a 'lock on the LK fight?  I'll be doing my research this week...

Group Shot, with ubiquitous hunter arrow rain and pally wings.


  1. Congratulations on the Sindy downing!

    We also have issue with phase 3, but I think we'll get her with a bit more practice.

  2. Congratulations! I'm a demo lock in a 10 man guild that sounds similar to yours - good players with very limited time to raid. We finally got Sindy down about 6 weeks ago, but have only had a couple weeks of LK attempts because of summer vacations, etc.
    I'm sure you'll come across this in your research, but I've found that the tactic of placing the summoning portal near the edge on the Valk phase (then hanging out there and porting back after being dropped) to be very helpful. Saves the raid lots of dps time when I'm grabbed, and also helps with defile. Just try to get the positioning so that when others are grabbed they usually come near where you are hanging out at edge.

  3. YAY!!!! Congrats on the Sindy kill! That bitch sucks!

    The best place I found to put your portal is in the 4-5 o'clock position where the worthless ice cube is 12.

    The rest of our raid bunched up in the middle leaving me in the back. Just remember, you cannot hit the port button until she drops you. I had a hard time with staying in range of my portal if I had to move a lot. Stay in the back and separated from the group to give yourself a higher chance of getting picked up. The more you get chosen the more time the other dps has on the LK.

    during the vile spirit phase spam the shit out of SoC. The sheer amount of damage you will be able to do on those suckers will help so much.

    A general help for the fight: Check out the strat from dreambound. When you are dealing with the flappity bitches make a lane where you want them to go. That will help you in the off chance you get unlucky with a defile right under the person being carried away.

    This fight isn't _really_ about the dps it is about the coordination.

    I wish you luck!

  4. Thanks guys, and great tips! I have until next Monday to study up.

  5. -The necrotic plague mechanic is easy-cheese and the only nuance is timing the transition. Pushing LK to 70% before another shambling horror pops will make life easier for tanks to pick up the Raging Spirits. We usually have a Horror up for the first ~5seconds before Necrotic Plague finally pwns it.
    -Lock portal as described above for Valk phase.
    -Valk kite paths and Defile...the bane of all. This is pretty much where things can turn to pooh. We maintain a strict positioning such that Valks are always migrating East or West. When moving for Defile you always go North or South. Having a Valk pick someone up and fly through a giant Defile puddle kills melee and can make range-to-target an issue for rdps.
    -Second transition phase...heroism/bloodlust (not absolutely necessary but helps burn the Ragings).
    -Last phase don't forget about that Raging Spirit..he is priority #1. ZOMG! I R FROSTMOURNED!!! Did you spec Shadowfury? Oops, well summon the felhunter asap for his spell lock otherwise U R DED.
    -Vile spirit...SoC spam = big numbers = drool. Or you have the OT just soak them all with a cooldown.
    Got get'm tiger :)

  6. Well if you are a belf you have an interrupt ;-)

    But yeah if you are Aff you use your fel puppy.

    I actually got sucked in the attempt where we actually downed the LK. I came out at we were at 100k health left. Talk about panic mode.

  7. Ugh, kiting :-).

    My fel pup loves to nom on spells though!

    Also, anything with SoC spam is just pure win...