Thursday, August 12, 2010

Comment Dump

It feels to me like once a week I need to expectorate all the crap in my head that doesn't quite make a full blog post.  There is a part of me that abhors random ad hoc posts (that I've written), but another part thinks there is some value in it.  After all, I can usually point you guys to the stuff that's entertained me (if you haven't seen it), or you guys can help me out with things I just don't quite get.  At the very base, I guess it's my solution to commenting.  Since I'm blocked from nearly everything at work (where I do my reading), I can't really go and leave comments as much as I'd like.  So here's another comment dump.  Pick and choose.  One man's trash... and all those things.
  • I found this chart particularly helpful.  Namely, I enjoyed the baby wrapped in bacon.  Can someone photoshop a mage in there so we can gift it to B^4?  Was I the only 'lock excited to find a druid ally against mages?  And we all know how much he loves his bacon.
  • As much as I love seeing Abi around, I think his base problem is that he's playing a mage.
  • Grimm hit the nail on the head of fictional writing here.  I actually went to leave a comment, then went to try to tweet, and my entire system shut down.  So I called it a night and went to bed, and now the comment gets dumped here.  Totally love getting surprised by characters though, probably one of the best parts of writing.  
  • Really arousing posting by Spinks lately, first about sex and then about hype.  Hyped sex next?  In any case, I really thought the points about riding the hype wave were especially apt.  I always just temper my excitement and expectations, taking a "we'll see when we see" attitude.  It makes for bad writing like this, but a happier me.
  • I got a loot card at GenCon.  I redeemed it.  The whole time I was thinking: these numbers are completely superfluous and ridiculous.  The system works, so I can't complain too much, but my keypad sure got a work out.  Anyone else find the process just the slightest bit confusing?  Put in a huge number online, get another huge number.  Take that huge number to a little green goblin in-game and put it in there.  Get item.  I'm just lucky I have dual screens.  That poor goblin has to have a hell of a cataloging system.  We need to get him a bar code scanner.
  • Any y'all play the card game Dominion?  Pretty fun game I was introduced to at GenCon.  No electronic gaming link here, just something fun to do unplugged (and not terribly expensive/hard to pick up).
  • Any Starcraft II players out there have a strategy they'd like to share?  I'm thinking about making an SCII post if there's interest, maybe throwing some strat advice in there (though I'm far from an expert).  I've just been doing the campaign pretty much, but I intend to get into match play eventually.  Are there any good SCII blogs you've come across?  I've been using my old tried and true Terran method of sealing your entrance with siege tanks and then jumping the tech tree to battlecruisers.  I used to be a big carrier guy, but I don't think I've quite figure out the "new" Protoss yet.  I feel like the cannons seem a bit more frail than they were in the original.
  • I heard "double rainbow" used as a verb on a popular radio station the other day.  As in, "... and then he went all double rainbow on me."  I thought it was hilarious.  They didn't even explain it.  I guess I didn't realize it was that ubiquitous of a viral meme.  I want to use this in a meeting: "I promise, you will double rainbow this idea.  It is that good."
 That's all I've got for today.  I'm going to go have a conversation with the voices in my head now.


  1. Hah, my comment page crashes systems from afar! I need to get a patent.

    I'm glad you liked, regardless :)

  2. AV- Aravin/Araat/VinenaroAugust 12, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    Hey Ful, I have been grinding through versus matches on SCII against the PC and now against other people as Terran, with the basic strategy of building shit loads of marines+marauders and then getting up to medivacs and using those three unit times to overwhelm the enemy in the early-mid game. It is not quite as potent as siege tanks+cruisers, but it is alot cheaper to make a large army early, for defense OR offense, while I build up my economy. Anyhoo, just a shout out on my basic strat so far,

    AV out

  3. Yo Fulg!

    Tank -> Cruisers isn't that solid of a strategy, if you're limiting yourself to one or two bases and turtling, you'll severely limit your economy, and Cruisers are not cheap. Meanwhile, you're essentially giving your opponent free reign of the map to outpace your production and steamroll you before you have enough Cruisers to fight back.

    Don't underestimate the Terran infantry or smaller air units.

    I'm starting to get a good feel for the Protoss and it's damn fun. The ability to summon units just about anywhere on the map is awesome, and the Colossus has to be the coolest new unit in SC2.

    Add me sometime: Samodean/815

  4. @Grimm - Yeah, not my night :-).

    @AV - Good suggestions that I should probably follow.

    @Samo - You're still alive? Good to hear from you! I just added you. I'm Fulguralis/362

  5. @Fulg: Yep, still alive, working on big things. Stay tuned, bud.

  6. Seriously, double rainbows all the way!

  7. Double Rainbow? That sounds like someone going all flaming gay flamboyant.

  8. A Quick web search shows:

    Double Rainbow.

    It means that which is:

    •ecstatically wondrous

    •joyfully amazing

    •orgasmically blissful

  9. lol I was just quoting the video, but I thank you for your candid answer. You should email the dude who made the video. :-)