Thursday, August 1, 2013

Silver Lining

My provisional time in League of Legends has come to an end. I played my ten games. I believe I won six of them. I wasn't sure what to expect because I wasn't really keeping track of anything. I'm just out there to have fun. So color me surprised to have come up with a Silver III initial rating. I'm in Sion's Brigade or something like that.

I'm not exactly sure what the rankings mean, so maybe that's really awful. I figure it's better than Bronze though, right? Does it go Bronze (numbers), Silver (numbers), Gold (numbers)... and then I think there's like Platinum and stuff. Or, does it go Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc of the same number and then bump up? If it's that second one, then the III probably means I suck. It's not like it matters all that much. I'm pretty sure I'm a ways away from any MLG tournaments in any case.

My first foray into Silver level play wasn't exactly cheery. The team I was on never gelled, and we lost bottom right away, which led to bickering. Most of the time, I'm playing Morgana because she's basically my "main" and I think the champion is fairly flexible. I can solo top or mid, and I can build her to support. This means I can cover any lane. I just can't jungle.

In this case, I was assigned to the top lane against Vladimir. Afterward, Vlad's summoner apologized for being a part of the "most boring lane ever." It was pretty much a standoff between the two of us. I dodged his jungler's attempts to gank me. My jungler never made it up my way. The entire game was played in the other lanes and then it was a surrender at 20.

It was sort of funny to watch everyone else bicker when you're doing just fine in your lane. It was boring because neither of us were gaining a clear edge on each other, so it wasn't like I could help. Finally, when we were pretty sunk, I abandoned my outer turret to go support where I could. It was far too little too late.

Post game, I got a friend request from one of the team members. I thought maybe the individual was going to compliment calm demeanor (I didn't say anything disparaging!), or maybe just complain about the other team members. Instead, he/she/it decided to berate my being. Not my play, mind you, but my existence. Classic harassment stuff. Are people even offended by this anymore? It's just so silly, and there's an "ignore" button. None of it was even particularly clever or offensive. I mean they didn't go racist or sexist or any of the things you might normally expect. Just stuff about how I should never have been born.

I wonder what the reply would have been if I'd have confessed that, yes, I was premature and almost died at birth, so it was a very close thing. I'm sure this person would have been thoroughly appreciative of the fragility of life. Certainly.


  1. Hey man,

    It has been awhile, and I thought it would nice to check in on the ol blog and see how you are doing. It is funny that you are writing about League of Legends, because that is the game that has picked me up after my WoW addiction died a few years back. My name on their is Darkfalconz, and if you ever want to play a game or two, you should totally add me.

    Good to see your still around the ol gaming sphere,
    Araat/Vinenaro/AV out

  2. Great to hear from you!

    Unfortunately, due in large part to RL (TM), my gaming has all but dropped off. I started geeking out about "cutting the cable" and designing my own home entertainment setup that bypasses (mostly legally) the cable company. $180/mo for tons of channels I never use seemed ridiculous. So I've been doing a lot of less-interactive entertainment options.

    To be honest, I find myself gravitating more to mobile gaming these days. Tiny Death Star. Plants vs Zombies 2. Candy Crush. Totally worthy of min/maxing I know. lol