Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Are Gamers Born In The Wild?

I may have more to write about in the days to come. I know you're all excited. A friend and I are going to try to start playing an MMO together. She wants it to be "like WoW," but F2P. And is has to run on her old laptop with an Intel Mobile R965 graphics chipset. I mention that second bit because we were originally going to try Rift, but it wouldn't run. I was surprised. I hadn't even thought to check on her specs.

Looking into, it seems that most other F2P MMOs will run, but not necessarily run well. Also, when pressed for more criteria than "like WoW," I didn't get anything really that narrowed the list. I think we're looking for a good duo questing experience. Any ideas?

Going back to Aion or SWTOR are both on my list. Maybe dabbling in LOTRO or DDO. Rift is out. WoW is out (by virtue of being sub). She wasn't interested in Sci-Fi (TOR got a pass because it's more like fantasy Sci-Fi) or urban fantasy settings. We're talking regular old fantasy. She said she liked that "you could be all kinds of different people." I asked, "You mean, like classes? They all have that."

I was attempting to be less than patronized, but I'm pretty sure I missed my mark. Any of you have experience trying to game with, basically, a non-gamer? What would be fun for casual play? How does one birth a gamer in the wild?


  1. Neverwinter is a lot fun to level.

    It uses the ruleset and lore from Pathfinder.

  2. Age of Conan is F2P and the starting zone is fairly easy for a newbie to figure out

    DDO wasn't a whole lot of fun when I played it. At the time I had played WoW for a year and just found it had a steep learning curve and not a lot of direction.

    GW/GW2 might work since it is a one time buy thing.

    TOR hates its players, both subscribers and non, especially non-subscribers.

  3. Neverwinter keeps coming up. That's gonna have to go on my short list.

    I'm sad to hear from folks that TOR seems to have implemented the F2P poorly. Might have to remove that.

  4. Maybe look into something like "Order & Chaos" on a smart phone. My boss has been seen playing this during meetings on his Android. It's very much like WoW. (see

  5. Oooh good idea. I'll look into that. :-)