Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Posts? No Wai.

In one week? Crazy, I know. I'll make this one short so as not to blow anyones' mind. I know you were all worried.

For the last two nights I've been trying (and failing) to play the new Sim City. I'm sure I am not alone in this. In fact, I know I'm not alone.

It's funny because you think I would just go play patch 5.2 in WoW, but I won't. I'll beat my head against the wall like everyone else. Makes me wonder, how much of our pain is self-imposed? I could just step away for a week and be patient until they resolve the dumb server issues (that I think EA should be able to anticipate at this point from every big game they've ever launched), but I won't. I was excited to build cities and, damnit, I want to build cities!

They will resolve the issues. A lot of people will be pissed in the mean time. I'm pretty unhappy as I'd like to play the game and apparently have a mental block disallowing me from playing anything else. But, again, I blame myself just as much. And I threw a movie on in the background, got to bed early... it wasn't a complete loss.

If you're thinking about trying the new Sim City, I would strongly recommend that you WAIT for several weeks. Listen for the "all clear" on the Interwebs. I'm sure it will be resounding (if not, I'm sure I'll mention something). From the tutorial (which I somehow got to play last night), I can say that I'm pretty confident the game will be hella fun. If only we could play it reliably!

I hope maybe the pressure forces them to write a patch allowing you to play the game offline in some form. I can dream, can't I?


  1. Pants. Epic pants. I finally got some pants for my main's healing spec. My item of shame is gone.

    It is AV weekend. I gotta buy some beer. AV and beer go together. So if you see a drunken hunter falling out of a tower you now know who it is.

    And I'll probably ding 90 number 5. A warrior. /gasp

  2. Not just to you, tkc, but even if I start getting sucked into Sim City (if I can even play it), I definitely still like to hear what's going on in WoW!

    Grats on the pants and enjoy your beer! If you're anywhere near Chicago, I suggest 321. I love the stuff!

  3. The warrior is 90, the hunter is getting PvP gear, and I hate the Windlord tornado gauntlet in HoF.

    A thousand or so honor out of AV and I get my hunter a bow. Moar beer!

    The 'to do' list:
    Get the hunter a bow.
    Take a toon out to do all of Thunder Isle.
    Gear the main's off-set (farm valor)
    Take the priest to LFR.
    Level the pally to 90.
    Gear the warrior some.