Friday, February 22, 2013

Token Friday Post

You know it's been a rough week of work when you're only now thinking about squeezing in a post on Friday afternoon, while everyone else is winding down. I didn't get much gaming in, either. I've been a bit sick, so instead of playing late, I did the mature thing and went to bed early.

Maturity is overrated sometimes.

What little gaming time I have had has been spent on League of Legends. (Have had has... ugh. My sentence structure is even lazy today.) I'm still avoiding WoW, anxiously awaiting 5.2. The major thing LoL has going for it right now is that I can get on and take part in a forcefully finite task in just about an hour. There is an expected (and, thus, plan-able) timeframe. I logon to WoW right now and it's ZOMG CAN DO ALL THE THINGS still.

The new patch will ultimately allow a casual like me to make fewer choices. Logon. Run a heroic. Work on dat rep. Heroics generally time in at about an hour as well, so it adheres to the plan-able idea. I could also likely do LFR, though it generally takes longer. I'm mostly tired of dailies. They're okay, but just not engaging enough for one of my precious gaming hours. Dailies are more like something I don't mind doing when I have a movie on at the same time. Or a sporting event.

Also, there's the fact that I can't really buy much to help me until I top off some reps. So running more active stuff just brings me closer to capping points that I can't even spend. I just hope I can gear myself adequately enough to experience all of the content. That's really my goal at this point in time. I'm not raiding regularly, and I don't think I'd be able to put in the time to be a good raider. Checking things out via LFR is just fine by me.

It also means that my only encouragement to grind for gear dies as soon as I've cleared the available LFR content. Why farm when your only aspirations are to unlock the next queue tier? I'm not topping any meters anytime soon (though I hold my own, I'm proud to say).

Anyway, I threw a little ACIII in for good measure, but mostly slept a lot this week. I guess you'll have that. Hopefully I'll have more to say about 5.2...


  1. What I've been up to:
    The main, a resto druid, has been raiding. We're a casual raiding group and we are behind so we still have 5.0 and 5.1 content to get through.
    The shadow/disco priest has been grinding rep. Shieldwall and AC and thankfully I just got to revered on both. So I got a new trinket and the three wrist enchants.
    The hunter is more or less parked waiting for 5.2 and chance to PvP for epic gear.
    The lock is making money hand over fist.

    So I get a bright idea that since the word is that PvP monks are in a terribad place I'd give one a try just for the challenge. They are somewhat gimped as Blizz saw fit not to make any low level PvP gear for them. I have a decent number of non PvP heirlooms and the toon is getting by. It ain't great but it ain't bad. I ran all three flags in WSG last night in a 3-1 victory.
    OTOH, I'm 2-4 in WSG and 0-3 in AB. 242 HKs at level 26.

    1. Nice. At least you're not having a problem staying busy! :-)

  2. One of our guildies has this:

    Too funny.

    1. LOL awesome. Also warlocky.

  3. It's Friday. No token post?

    Here is a classic: Evil baby.

    1. So busy I didn't even get to answer this! Ugh.

      Short version: More LoL, no 5.2, no WoW.

      Done :-)