Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aff'lock Leveling Guide and a Musing

I've never done a leveling guide, but stumbled across a good one here several moons ago. Just wanted to give a quick shout out to it. Great work Psynister. Hopefully my generic title will net some Google searches and send them your way. You know, if they don't get there without my shoddy help.

In other news, I've been busy being social. Read: not gaming. Sadly. Being social is hard work.

I have been playing some League of Legends. I'll say this for LoL vs WoW. It is far, far easier to casually play a game like LoL. I can pick up, play a game in about an hour, and feel like I've accomplished something. Even when we get rolled.

In WoW, I can't play for just an hour. Oh, sure, I could force myself with a timer or something (and I usually do that), but you log in, start doing dailies, queue up... and all of a sudden it's 1AM. This isn't always a bad thing, but it is when I'm already feeling a bit sleep deprived. LoL has a built in cut-off time.

I'm looking forward to patch 5.2, when we'll be able to earn rep through dungeon runs. I think part of my difficult with the current incarnation of WoW is that I feel that I must both grind rep and run dungeons/LFR. I really enjoyed the old tabard system, because you could just make a point of getting on for the sole purpose of running one dungeon. It becomes more like LoL. My personal problem is that I really need to cap some reps before I can actually spend my accumulated points on anything. The patch change helps me in so many ways.

So I'm sandbagging a bit in WoW, waiting for the patch to drop. Until then, LoL is great filler. Also, I should probably progress some more in ACIII. That's another one I can't just sit and play for only an hour though...


  1. I see how it is. I get my lock to 90 and *then* you link to a leveling guide. /pout

    I was thinking about taking it easy till 5.2 dropped but I'm a raging altoholic so I rolled a monk to PvP with. I've also got four 16 plot farms to tend to. I remember thinking that Farmwow wasn't going to be something that I would be interested in but damn if it ain't an easy way to get mats. The little face melter just got enough to make his first staff.
    Come 5.2 we should be able to get rep off the farm to boot.

  2. Oh yeah! I'm excited about the farm rep, too. :-)

  3. I completely agree and miss the old tabard system. I get their point that they don't want to make it too simple, but seriously.. MoP isn't alt friendly at all. Once you hit 90 on an alt, that's easily another two hours on to your day if you plan on having anything to do with your valor points besides upgrade craftables. It also seems like every bit of new content they have come out with so far just includes even more dailies. Between trying to valor cap, getting 3 extra rolls, doing all my dailies and doing full LFR clears I don't really have time for anything else in game and I have a lot of free time.. I can't imagine what would happen if I only had 2-3 hours.

    1. I miss the tabards too. Think of all the dailies you do. Now think about having to do them in an undergeared and unrelated off spec. Welcome to healing.

      That undergeared kitty doing single mob pulls on dailies. That is my resto druid in his off spec. It used to be that I only had to do the kitty thing till friendly. At that point I'd get the tabard and go heal dungeons. Life was easy and all my healer alts piled up rep quickly. Not any more. At least not till 5.2.

      On top of this I've got the latency bug. It seems AT&T may have a router out there with a spectacularly bad routing table. Like 5000ms/5 minute loading screen bad. I had to step out of last nights raid because it got so bad.

    2. Ah yes, the plight of healers. Something I've never stopped to consider.



    3. tkc - I'm with you, all the way. Aside from a Warlock, I mainly play a Prot Warrior and a Holy Paldin.. and as much as I enjoy taking 10 minutes to kill a few things or spamming Denounce, it's just not something I look forward to every day. I could always pick up off-specs.. but that's not very fun either.

  4. Yeah. Definitely not "catering to casuals" if anyone is still making that statement. We're getting higher and higher time investments.

    On the flip side, at least the time investments they're asking for could realistically be broken into smaller chunks. Back in the day, you just used to not be able to complete ANYTHING in less than an hour. Now, maybe you can't get as much done as you would like, but there are smaller chunks you could get done. It's more about how disciplined you can be about hitting that log out button when you need to.

  5. Hey Ful!

    I randomly was reading through here, and noticed you are playing LoL. You have found where I spend most of my free gaming time. My summoner name is Darkfalconz , you should add me so that sometime when you pop on we can play a game together!

    See ya around,

    AV/Josh out

    1. Right on, will do. I'm Fulguralis on there, I think. Go figure.