Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Primer Updated and Rep Grinding Plan

Just a quick FYI post today, I slapped the glyph information into my primer, complete with links. Feel free to let me know if I booger-ed anything. I've got spec and stats left. Both should be relatively short, but I want some links/screenshots to better explain them. For stats, I'm just basically using Ask Mr. Robot anyway, and doing the "non hit cap" version. It's tough getting used to misses, but I figured I may as well start. It's not as bad as I thought. Speccing is pretty simple these days, as well.

I'm also going to ramble a bit about the dailies I've been doing. The short version from my quick and dirty holiday research is to start with Operation: Shieldwall (for Alliance). It's going to have the best gear upgrades. Also, I want to get some stuff from Shado-pan soon, and that requires completion of the Golden Lotus reputation. So I do the Shieldwall and Lotus dailies, basically. Throw in a scenario/heroic if I can. I'm one point away from LFR eligibility, so that's exciting.

I topped off Tillers pretty quick, just because it's simple to do. I like to log off there, as it's a quick flight down to Lion's Landing or up to the Golden Lotus hub. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I throw in the Klaxxi dailies. I was really close to capping my Valor last week. Go me.

Now that I've finally started Assassin's Creed III, though, I see a distinct lack of dailies in my future. I'll probably still try to knock out an hour's worth, but that probably won't get me capped. Oh well...


  1. At honored with GL you can get access to tailoring patterns what will get you over the LFR cut. You are the Fulguralis on Alexstrasza?

  2. Yes. That is me. And I totally need patterns!

  3. I did some LFR over the weekend and it was 1 hit, 1 so-so, and 1 really bad miss.
    I think I'll make a point of going on Tuesday for the sake of getting into groups that are taking their mains. Kinda like PVP, I'm wondering if it will matter when I go.

  4. I spent some VP and got over the LFR limit this weekend, so I was able to complete the first two wings. Good experience both times, though the second had two idiots arguing about DPS on the first fight for the next two fights. Just annoying more than anything else.

    I hit honored and picked up those patterns. Made them as well... so my gear jumped way up. It was fun. I even sold the spirit purple chest for like 4k gold, recouping what I had spent on the dragonling trinket.

  5. Hmmm, I should see what those robes go for as my tailor has almost 2 stacks of imperial silk.

    So, if you've done the 1st two wings of LFR then you've seen the Elegon fight and how the floor disappears. Now imagine that with one of the tanks and about 4 or 5 dps ignoring that little aspect of the fight.

    My priest made the LFR cut by buying, of all things, an updated pvp trinket. Made it through the 1st wing healing with no problems. Got some dps gloves for my trouble. A bit of a head scratcher there.

  6. lol, I think we had a few fall, but none of the "important" people apparently. :-)