Monday, January 7, 2013

From Zero to Gear-o

Terrible pun. I know. Deal with it. It reflects how I feel I've geared... very much in giant, terribly pun-y, leaps. Or something.

This past weekend, I finally got over the LFR hump. Immediately, I won a belt (and then nothing else for several runs). I also hit honored with Golden Lotus. As a tailor, that meant two more purples. I purchased a trinket and OH on the AH. I sold a purple robe to make the money back. I think I went from about 30k DPS to 60K DPS in a matter of hours. Pretty crazy.

I spoke a little about a rep path for Warlocks in my last post. If you're a tailor, getting honored with GL is huge. I also snagged a ring from the Operation: Shieldwall quartermaster for VP. I was nearing the cap after the last few weeks of dailies/heroics/LFR. I figured a ring was a good choice, since there's a second slot, so if I immediately get a drop, my purchase was not wasted.

I don't think I'm able to reliably juggle more than two hubs at a time, so GL and O:S are where I'm starting and would suggest other 'locks start there as well. O:S has the best rewards if you consider the eventual ilevel. GL is pretty much required to get started, but the tailoring really sells it if you're a tailor. Klaxxi is another option, but that's sitting in the 3-hole for me.

When 5.2 drops, it will shake this list up. I'm sure the new rep they come up with will take precedence. I'm hoping to have capped one of my first few before it does, but that may not be in the cards. I'm slow.

If you're looking for solid items to purchase on the AH. There's an OH purple that I snagged for 4k. There's also a trinket (Dragonling something) that can be filled with cogs to be pretty solid. With cogs, I don't think it was a whole lot more than 3k. If you're curious, I'm the Fulguralis on Alexstrasza. Check me out on Mr. Robot. I've only started reforging/properly enchanting/gemming the purple items. Until very recently, I was replacing things too quickly to be mess with it.

On an unrelated side note: I actually really enjoy trash now. With SS+SB, I feel like I actually contribute. Especially when I can time my DS so I'm constantly full of shards, and spreading DoTs like a madman. When I got to a stand and sling boss, it was almost boring. At least until I realized I really need to manage my shards better. For long fights, it's hard to keep Haunt up, and I think I want to be sure not to clip it, so-as to maximize the use of each shard. Mana has not been a huge issue as long as I remember to tap once every minute or so. Sometimes I forget and end up low.

I need to throw stats and spec into the primer, but I've not had the chance to snag any screenies yet. Maybe this week. I'm sort of counting on a talent reset with 5.2, so I can take the pet sacrifice talent instead of the super-pet talent that I have now. Nibs tells us that sacrificing the pup is actually pretty warlockerly of us, plus there's a very low danger of g- gui- guilt? Is that how it's pronounced? I guess if you're specced Destro you should be more concerned.


  1. :)

    I logged on briefly last night to find a Tome of the Clear Mind (I wanted to fiddle with my glphys and move two talent points). After spending a -really- long time traipsing all over Pandara (and realizing that all the listed vendors were out of phase with me). I finally had a bank toon hunt up a stack of these in Stormwind and mail them over.

    Speaking of.. the ability to move one talent point without having to re-allocate ALL of the points in the whole tree is divine. Added bonus to be able to do it wherever I am int he world without having to hunt up the guy in the city that you need for re-specing.

  2. Is "welcome back" appropriate? :-)

    I'd not heard of those Tomes yet. Learn something every day!

  3. I've been saccing my Voidwalker while I raid because the extra cooldown you get is VERY nice when the damage starts flying in some fights.

  4. Nice. I'm going to go switch to that tonight or something. Where are the Tomes in SW?

    1. I believe the general goods vendor sells them. If not then the inscription supplies guy has them.

  5. If you have the wonderful 3 person vendor mammoth mount!! ;) he sells both the tomes and the former dust.

  6. Sooo... about this demonology spec. I finally got around to filling it out and playing it some. It is ALOT different than what I remember. Know of any good guides?
    I used Icy Veins for the basics.

  7. I don't really know of any off-hand, but I did a quick search and found this site ( I reviewed the Affliction area which seemed to be pretty solid, so I have high hopes that the Demonology area is accurate/helpful. Can't see I've been able to experienced much yet to know for sure though.

  8. Funniest MoP achievement so far:

    I actually re-spec'd the little face melter to run IoC PvP.. I was finding that my DoTs were getting dispelled faster than I could get the shards to replace them. So I wanted something a little more direct. It is hard to say if I got it right as IoC can be a bit of a zerg-fest.

    1. Ha. I looked up a video of the acheesement. Hilarious.

      Is the UA silence not punishing the dispeller enough? There are days when I miss SB+Soul Fire. It was nice to have that random giant fireball...

    2. I don't have the numbers to prove this but it seems to be the way things go. Alliance does not bring healers to BGs. Horde does bring healers to BGs. So when the furball over the workshop gets going there is maybe one Ally healer who is getting the crap focused out of him/her and about half the Horde is a combination of priests, pallies, and shammies. So I don't think the silence is punishing enough simply due to numbers.

      In the end I felt like I wasn't doing any damage as my DoTs would be gone almost as fast as I cast them. Something else had to be done and since I PvP on my hunter who doesn't have this problem and does fine I figured I'd roll demon to see. It felt better but I don't have the numbers to back it up. A lot of the IoC fights are zerg fests and I don't really get sense of how well I'm doing in those.

    3. There's probably truth there. There seem to be a lot of dispells in the game. I always PvP'ed on my DK precisely because I was not happy with Warlock PvP. I've not tried since the changes, and Demo may indeed be a great spec for it.

      I'd complain about healers, but no way am I ever rolling a healer period. Much less in PvP. :-)

  9. I haven't taken a healer to PvP in the new expansion yet so I can't say.
    In cata I had some success with a holy paladin because you essentially have to kill them two to three times to actually stop them.
    In TBC I did arena with my resto druid. Our 2 man druid/aff lock team did well. It *really* helps when the healer can start off stealthed.
    I've taken priests and shamans as healers to BGs and they've done terribad. Maybe it was just me but I couldn't get them to survive.
    I took my monk to BGs while leveling and it was OP. At 90 I don't think it will be.

    The level normalization in PvP will make leveling in BGs a bit more interesting. No more 1 shotting the lowbies in the fight.