Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MoP Affliction Warlock Primer Started

I published the rough draft of my rotation post last week and got some great feedback. I've taken that, updated things as needed, and plugged it into what will become my MoP Affliction Warlock Primer Page. It is linked up there on the top left of the page where my old guides used to be.

The eventual goal is to have everything in there I need to be a competent Affliction Warlock. Right now, we just have the rotational discussion. I'm planning to publish a rough draft about glyphs before this week ends. Stats and spec will be covered eventually as well. If there are any other key topics I've missed, I'm definitely open to adding a section.

Again, the goal of these articles is not to be a hardcore raider, but simply to get Affliction Warlocks started. You may want to do things differently, and I encourage anyone and everyone to share these alternate methods along with the rationale behind them. As my old gaffer used to say: "There's more than one way to afflict an orc." He might have been a bit hordist.

In any case, thanks to everyone that commented. Hopefully the primer helps some of the other Warlocks out there that are looking for a simple discussion of (what I consider) the basics. If nothing else, it has helped me hone my own playing. I slapped on the shard glyph last night and, hoo boy, what a difference an extra shard makes. I ran a quick scenario and felt like I was slinging shadow errrrverywhere. It was glorious.

I have to say, I really enjoy where they've taken the class in MoP. Traditionally, I've always viewed changes from Blizz with a healthy skepticism, but I really feel they nailed it in this expansion. They updated and removed a lot of the unpleasant sides of Affliction Warlockery without sacrificing (what I feel to be) the identity of the class. Bravo!

Now I just need to work on those "Coming Soon" areas.


  1. I went into Blackwing Lair last night for some mindless boss harvesting. For the life of me (3 deaths later) I simply CANNOT put out enough DPS to kill him within the time limit on Vael. All of the channel spell seemed to instantly go offline when I hit it. Perhaps I'll try it again tonight.

  2. By offline, do you mean interrupted? Are you specced into our mobile casting talent (KJC)? Not being able to channel would several limit one's DPS, I should think.

  3. I specced into the talent that reflect damage back to the target. In Vael's fight, mobility is utterly unimportant, but being able to pump out 1.9 million damage in about 45 seconds is as he puts out a debuff that kills you in that amount of time.

    In my case, the channeling spell (grasp / soul drain) just activate and goes away. Vael's health basically didn't move much.

  4. Several was supposed to be severely. So close. :-)

    I've not had a chance to do the fight just yet, so I'm afraid I don't know why it'd be doing that. That sounds odd though.

  5. Here's an idea I just had... I've been chain running heroics today, and whenever I miss, what you described is how my channeled spells behave. Is it because you're getting a lot of misses?

    Hit has been significantly devalued for Aff'locks, so I'm not too worried about misses, but it does represent a big change of mental processing for me. I have to simply watch for misses and re-cast, which was never an issue before.