Monday, December 3, 2012


Okay, so Ful is getting his groove back. At least a little. I put in a pretty solid session Saturday that I think lasted about twelve hours. I've not done one of those in a long time (read: since last expansion probably). It wasn't really planned, just sort of worked out that way. Basically did all of level 90 in one sitting.

It was one of those things where you start playing, knock out some quests, and then go clean something. Then sit back down, knock out some more quests, go get some food. Then more questing and... maybe I should do something else. But wait! 50%! At this point I can totally get to 60%, just to be over halfway. Two hours later... 80%! Might as well finish it off now. So I did. Dinged for the final time this expansion sometime around 1AM Saturday night, server time.

Here's a list of my initial post-ding thoughts (keep in mind I was pretty tired):
  • I have never been so glad to fly in my life. The zones seem to get progressively rockier (?), encouraging flying over riding. I suppose that makes sense.
  • I finally got to turn in a lot of quests that had been cluttering my bags, waiting for me to have access to places like the Seat of Knowledge. That felt wonderful.
  • The stream of refugees into the Vale was pretty neat. It nearly coincided with my final ding (I was two quest turn-ins away), so I almost felt a be emotional. Not that a Warlock would cop to having anything resembling emotions.
  • I'm still going to finish the quests to get Pandarian Loremaster. It's nice that these give you the same rep you're going to need from dailies.
  • Moving without interrupting casting is pretty neat. There are a whole bunch of habits I need to overcome now to make the most of things. Having grown used to being a damage turret for the last five-ish years, it's amazing now my thought I hadn't realized I give to where I stand when I pull. Now I can readjust without ruining my rotation. Totally an odd feeling, but not in a bad way. It's sort of like, oh yeah, I wasn't just interrupted by the stupid yank... the spell went off!
  • I'm doing a few dailies, but I've not developed a cohesive plan yet. I'd like to cap out my profs first, I think, and focus on raid gearing last. With my current status as "last sub off the bench," I'm not too worried about it. I should probably try to get LFR ilevel just to preclude any complaints should I be brought in.
Anyway, that's all for today. I'm excited about being at the level needed to help out. I missed some of the more social aspects of MMO gaming. Hopefully I can derp my way to some adequate gear and help out somewhere. I wouldn't consider myself back on the horse completely, but I'm partially in the saddle.


  1. Grats on 90!! The level 90 talent is just so awesome, I lurves it. Yes you read that right.

    Make sure you run the Amphitheater of Annihilation and get your 450 weapon. As for gear upgrades, the Dread Wastes primarily give you quest rewards that are 440-450, which should help you get into heroics. I would try to get into a Sha of Anger run. That is mostly a zerg so even being a fresh 90 won't make much of a difference. The best part is he has a chance to give you tier. I got my two piece from him. Also, if you loot him after the kill you will get a quest that will give you epic boots.

    Scenarios are pretty nice for people who don't have a lot of time. The queues are almost instant and you CAN get gear from the loot boxes.

    Have fun my friend!

  2. For the Arena of Annihilation you'll want to pick up the quest to get the reward.
    My shadow/disco priest took this out of it:

    I'm thinking a lock would be pretty happy with that too.

  3. @KB - It is, isn't it? Totally reinventing how I play.

    @TKC - Right on. I'll be sure to do those. (Besides, can't miss the AoA when I've hit all the other arena chains!)

  4. Congrat. Unfortunately, welcome to the mind numbing grind that is Golden Lotus. It really doesn't get better until you hit revered, where the reputation gain is doubled. What's worse is that Shado-Pan and Celestial August are locked behind Golden Lotus Revered. For the do it yourself person (I have 9 90s), this is pretty much ALL I do.

  5. Ouch. The good part for me is that I have only 1 toon, and I'm not expected to be super-well geared... so I can skimp on the rep grinding. If I miss out on a few pieces, no biggy right?

    Back in the day (TBC), I don't remember the SSO dailies as particularly onerous. Even the Flamelands were not awful. For me, it was more about developing a routine, and that could easily get me through 1 toon. 9... well, I've got nothin' for ya. :-)

  6. Sadly, blizz decided to gimp the amount of rep you get per quest turn in. So the Golden Lotus grind is really slow. If you don't do it then you leave yourself to the mercy of the RNG god who was particularly unkind to my resto-druid for a while. I think I went 0-24 on gear rolls.

    Since you pretty much stick to your main you probably won't have a problem with it. For an altoholic like me, those rep grinds are one helluva wall. At least once you get a toon to revered you can double up the rep for all your other toons including getting to exalted with the toon you ground to revered with.

  7. Gratsie! The movement with KJC is very nice along with Pandemic. Are you still running Affliction? Everyone already put up great suggestion for Rep grinds. The Klaxxi do have some nice stuff too at the statt. Don't forget the Order of the Cloudserpent - 20 days of dailies for 3 new mounts!

  8. My phone and your comments section need tonwork out their disagreements :( and I meant from the start and not "statt" :P

  9. Yep, still running Affliction and loving it! Can't wait to see how I do in some group settings, though I'm sure I'll be at the bottom of the meter with my lateness.

    I want an undulating dragon mount. Bad.

    I swear I'm not doing anything special with my comments. Standard Google offering. Not even a captcha (I can never get those right!). :-)

  10. BTW, of all of my characters, I found that my Affliction Warlock is the one where I switch spec the most. Mostly dealing with the Grimoire. When I'm doing dailies, I like have the Supremacy for the big Void Lord. When I'm in a group, I feel obligated to switch to Sacrifice to boost my dps. Whenever I decided to queue up for randoms, I always have to check to make sure I have the reagent to switch back and forth.

  11. Good feedback. I still get the names confused, but I've been using the "improved minion" one (Supremacy, I believe from your comment). If I get into raiding, I'll probably switch to Sacrifice and stay there. I've never been a big pet micromanager and from what I've read, Sac is worth if you're going for DPS.

  12. You don't really need to get to exalted with Golden Lotus. But it is at least worthwhile to get to honored with them just for the Epic cloth patterns. All of my clothies (mage/warlock/spriest) are tailor/enchanter, so that is a no brainer. The material cost is also very reasonable for the cloth. Not so with LW/BS. Those pieces requires 8 Spirit of Harmony in addition to the stupendous materials (8x50 leather per lw pieces, living steel for plates). I'm assuming of course that you're a tailor.

  13. Ouch.

    And yes, I'm a tailor. Thanks!