Friday, November 16, 2012

Can't I Just Make My Pet Do It?

I realized I hadn't checked in this week. Work has been super-busy, and after work hasn't been dull. I've been pretty drained and just not had the energy to log in much. Ever have those nights where you want to keep working on your character, but you know if you log in you just won't enjoy the playtime because you're exhausted? In the past, I'd probably have pushed through.

I suppose it would seem obvious to some... don't play when you don't feel like it, right? The problem is that it's two different forms of satisfaction. The completionist in me wants to get to 90. It knows if I put in an hour or so each night, that I'll get there. When I miss a night, that part is unsatisfied. I have not chipped away at the goal. The other part is the immediate enjoyment. Most nights you can satisfy both, but on the nights where you know the immediate enjoyment just won't be there... what do you do? It's sort of a catch 22.

Anyway, I did get some done this week, just not enough for a "real" update. I'm planting and cooking carrots. I've knocked out a couple more quest hubs. I'm still having fun, but kind wish I'd get back to the point where I could do group stuff. I know I'm way behind the gear curve, but I'd be more than happy to be the "better-than-no-one" sub. And, honestly, I can overplay my gear, so I'm not that much of a drag. Gotta be 90 before I can even voice that opinion though.

Oh well. I'll get there. Just in time to play with everyone else's alts, amirite?


  1. My hunter is around level 88. Maybe you'll run into him. Then again, this'll be a pvp toon so maybe not. Wintergrasp is returning. I can't wait.
    In the meantime, last night's first raid was special. Being a casual guild we went in somewhat undergeared and since DS wasn't exactly the hardest raid in the world we handn't been challenged in a while. Boy did it show. We littered the first boss's room with skeletons and decided to grab whoever we could and go do LFR for gear. I got a trinket so it wasn't a lost cause.
    The shadow/disco priest is on the move as well as the monk. 86 and 77 respectively.

  2. My cousin is on me to hit 90 so I can be a backup for their 3v3 arena team. I wasn't planning on having a PvP toon, but it may happen despite me. :-)

    I'm guessing I'll ding 90 right around the same time as your 77. lol

  3. Hey Fulg,

    No rush IMHO and I'd say take your time and enjoy it. As far as the gear chasing thing, you'll catch up me on that one. With all the stuff they've thrown in it's hard not to feel overwhelmed. Just keep in mind the old Tortoise and the Hare story because it's a good comparison.

    Gah! Your comment section and Elkagarosa's comment section hate me. They won't let me leave a comment! I wish the different blog sites were more compatable to some degree. It sure would make it easier. Btw, you still cranking up the Affliction?

  4. Yeah, having been through a few expansions (I checked my anniversary achievements last night... this was my 5th! Holy cow!), I know the gear situation will fluctuate. Stuff will get nerfed or changed. I'm not overly concerned. Mostly, I just miss having group stuff scheduled. Most everyone is doing max level stuff (as usual), so I'm a bit left out of the party.

    Sorry about the comments. I even keep captcha turned off so that it's supposed to be easy! Blame Google. :-)

    Yes, definitely still rocking Affliction. With SB+SS, it is a great leveling build!