Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Anniversaries Etc

I logged in and was rewarded with WoW's 8th Anniversary celebration. Because of that, I became curious and went to look for my first WoW Anniversary achievement. For me, it was year 4. How about you?

That's pretty much all I have to report this week. In the interest of not writing the Shortest Post Ever, I'll pad it with some rambling.

I'm halfway through 88. Still chugging along.

I really want to place Assassin's Creed III, but I'm holding off on buying it until I hit 90. Then I figure I can split my time between "group activities" and ACIII. For now, my solo time should go to WoW (and I'm enjoying it).

LoL has gotten no love as of late. I know. I shall return at some point.

I watched Wizard of Oz this weekend. I never realized that Glenda was a disc priest.

I want a flying monkey minion.

Those last two were related.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm hearthing it tomorrow IRL. Here's to a wonderful celebration!



  1. Hey Ful, I am lvling my monk still... it is slow going since I am splitting my time between LoL and WoW. I never knew you played LoL! We should exchange user names so we can play together whenever you play sometime. I play LoL... alot.

  2. Yes definitely. I'm Fulguralis and then some number I think. It's be a while. Basically when the WoW expansion dropped I stopped playing LoL. I'm sure I will get back into it... just sort of wanted to get to 90 first. I think when I left I was at Summoner level 20ish. We'll do the friend list thing at some point, I'm sure.

  3. Monk got to 79. Disc/shadow priest got to 89. Fun story. I'm healing Mogu'shan Palace with two guildies, a tank, and dps kitty. We're clearing some trash and come to a balcony and pause for a bit. I'm down to about 20% mana so I sit and drink. Out of the blue, the kitty jumps off the balcony. I'm thinking to myself, "Did he just jump? 'Cause there is a boss down there." Sure enough, he is now in combat with Gekkan and getting his ass handed to him. I figure I'll just let him die and he can run back from his Leroy Jenkins moment. But then the tank jumps down and pulls the boss off him. Okay, so the fight is on and I jump down... with very little mana and two toons desperately in need of healing. Then one of the more cool things happened. The two puggers in the group, they jump down too. After a very close fight we get Gekkan down. I've got no mana left. Almost everyone is around 10% health. But we won. What an epic fight. We all got a good laugh out of it.
    Later I talked one of the officers into changing the feral kitty's player note. He is now 'Epic Balcony Jumper'. =)

  4. LOL nice.

    I hit 89 over the weekend too. Gonna post on it at some point this we... :-)