Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I hit 88 last night. At this rate I'll hit 90 just in time for Thanksgiving. Then... ??? I'll probably do some casual gearing so that I could maybe sub for my guild's raid team. I do not plan to level an alt. I don't really have enough time. It's been tough enough to scrape by with my main (and there's plenty still to do.)

I did notice for the first time yesterday, when I was doing the quest that is sort of a scenario with three boss fights, that my practice of using Fel Fire really did drain my mana. It felt like I was OOM almost immediately. Apparently I'm going to have to modify my behavior for boss fights.

I keep running out of bag space because I'm holding on to so many cooking materials. I should probably just stow them away in the bank for later, but I suppose I'm being lazy. If you're a lowbie like me, is there a way to know what you should be farming? I've just been planting and harvesting random stuff each day, really for no reason other than it's there.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of items with like, fun effects? All kinds of weird stuff! And if you'd like me, you feel like you have to hold on to those items because, well, they're neat. I wish I could just transmog all of the clever effects into one super wand of doom. It would do all kinds of dumb things depending on where you're using it (since most effects seem location specific).

I've never really cared for the location-specific thing. It sort of makes it so you have to hang out in that area to get joy out of the item. I suppose that's the point, but it makes my holding onto the items especially silly.

Anyway, that's the update for now. I'm over the leveling "hump!" (Through, from what I hear, the later levels are much, much slower...)


  1. If you want to max all the cooking professions then you might want to hold on to all the stuff.

    For caster int food you want lots and lots of carrots.

    Since the stuff stacks to 100 you can easily mail em to a bank alt

    There are a lot of fun items, I ended up cleaning out my bank and loading a lot of stuff into my void storage just to make room for them.

    Grats on 88 btw!

  2. Ah yes... bank alts. I should, you know, roll one of those. :-)

  3. Carrots for Banquet of the Pot (raid table)

    Carrots for Braised Turtle (int food)

    If you want spirit you have to fish up Giant Mantis Shrimp for Shrimp Dumplings

    Or just go out to Halfhill in Valley of the Four Winds and see what the cooking trainers will teach you.

  4. Carrots until you get to revered. Then you can grow Motes of Harmony, combine them for Spirit of Harmony and trade them in for crafting mats.
    Songbell Seed

  5. A collection of random observations:
    The Klaxxi were much easier to start as rep grind when compared to the Golden Lotus. Whatever Blizz's reasons were for lowering the amount of rep you get per GL daily quest turn in I'm pretty sure it was a bad one.
    For the massive amount of QQ about botters in battlegrounds I did about 6 battlegrounds on my hunters and didn't see a one. The multi-boxer on the other hand... they can be fun to mess with. Let's just say it has to be really hard to keep track of 5 toons when you have a rogue and a hunter randomly CCing and burning them down.
    Two raids have finally gone up on the guild calendar. Wednesday and Sunday should be fun.
    Altoholicism is creeping back in on me. I was used to my alts supporting my main and right now they can't do that. They're just going to *have* to be leveled. There is just no way around it. None. Don't try to stop me. Eleven 90s. It can be done.

  6. Ha. You'll probably beat me with all 11! :-)