Thursday, October 4, 2012


I told you things might be wonky around here for a bit. It's been a little over a week since my "Day One" in MoP post. You'd think I might be 90 by now, have some good advice, yadda yadda. Nope, still 85. Alllllmost 86. Just last night I finally found the last of the trainers I needed to unlock levelling with all secondary professions. I also discovered pet battles. So, yeah, guess what I did last night.

Like everyone else, I find the pet battles supremely addictive. It doesn't help that I've not had any long stretches of time to play yet. The good news is that there's plenty to do, even on a hop-on/hop-off type of play schedule. Pet battles are perfect for that niche.

I will try to impart some Warlocky wisdom. Y'all have probably figured all of this out already, but I'm starting to settle into my "rotation." Obviously, leveling is going to be a different animal than raiding, so keep in mind I'm only leveling right now. Here's what I'm hitting:

Corr > UA > Haunt > Elements > MG > Fel Fire > Drain Soul.

MG is my filler. I use FF to get out of channeling and swap quickly to DS. It seems pretty effective, and refreshes those two main DoTs. I don't have to repeat a lot, because things are dead. I'm sure that will change as I level.

The big omission to this rotation is Agony. I'm not using it on this quick-dying stuff. I think that makes sense. When something lives longer, I tend to squeeze it in just before MG. Generally that's because I'm like "Oh crap, this is going to take longer to die... let's us Agony."

We used to always lead off with Shadow Bolts to set up the debuff before dotting. With no bolts, this is no longer a concern. I always liked leading with my instants anyway, so I'd throw Agony/Corr first, I think. For longer fights, I've not decided if I'll use FF for all refreshes, or just to swap at the DS 25% health point. Anyone have data for that?

So, yeah. Slow Aff'lock is slow. I'm hoping this weekend is a bit more mundane and I can get some good time in. We'll see.


  1. At first I was like 'meh' on poke-wow. I never played pokemon so I didn't care all that much about it. Still, I went by the pet trainer and picked it up. A hour and a half later and I'm still pet fighting.
    You're right. It is addictive. I can see it being hugely popular right before raids when you're sitting around for 15 minutes waiting for everyone to show up.

  2. After an expansion as Demo, I wanted to go back to Aff'lock this expansion. Everything felt clunky for the first few days and I almost gave up. I apparently don't read tooltips well because I had no idea that using Soulburn/Soulswap would instantly apply the dots. Now I'm running around Krasarang firing that puppy off willy nilly and loving it.

  3. Don't feel bad you haven't reached 90. Call it 'taking in the scenery' or playing casually. My max level toon is 87. Loving the quest lines and just exploring the areas. Nothing better than flying on a giant kite between zones and the potential treasure hunt of the "lost and found" achievement. Don't forget to queue up for dungeons as you quest. The first two dungeons open up at 85 and I am loving the brewery and it's fun(ky) mechanics. Replaced my tier set gloves with the ilevel 410 quest reward from inside there!

  4. @tkc - Fo sho.

    @Jaeley - Oooh yeah, I've not really done that yet. Need to start.

    @Elkagorasa - Nice. I'll try not to feel left out by all the rushing raiders! I used to be one of them :-).

  5. More random thoughts...

    Monks in PvP are a bit unbalanced at lower levels. I could heal a player to full in about 2-3 seconds. Once the horde figured out I was doing this, man-o-man did I get focused fired.

    Tanks have to realize that even though you have a full set of heirlooms you can't pull an entire instance. Twice I've had tanks try to pull 20-30 mobs. It ain't working. I can only keep you healed till I go OOM and I will go OOM when you're requiring non-stop healing. So if you're one of these tanks and you're doing this, stop it.

    There appears to be a bit of a JP dead zone. Once I hit 90 I could not queue for random regular dungeons anymore. If I queued for a specific dungeon I don't get JP. My gear score is too low for heroics. Apparently my only option for JP at this point are scenarios. A guildie suggested I buy the PvP gear to get into heroics. Meh. I should be able to gear myself without buying stuff in the AH.

  6. I agree about not having to buy stuff on the AH. Should be able to get stuff by, you know, actually playing.

    I'm still 85 :-D. Soooo slow, but having fun. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. I've noticed that MG seems to cause Agony to build up to 10 faster (when I'm playing aff, Demo works better for me to level with). I tend to avoid Fel Flames as its mana cost ramps up considerably as you level to 90.

  8. @Rareth - that's absolutely right about MG. It causes your dots to tick faster while it channels, and Agony adds a stack whenever it ticks. It adds substantially to the warlock burst when you SB+SS, then Haunt and right away.

  9. I think MG is supposed to improve your DoTs when channeled, so perhaps that is "working as intended."

    I've not had any mana issues yet, so I'm using FF a lot :-). That may change. I'm assuming the cost of refreshing Corr+UA in mana << FF?

  10. Ha. Matt A beat me to it!

    Thanks for the confirmation!

  11. I knew MG added extra ticks (well 50% strength ticks according to the tooltip) but it took a bit for me to notice that it was causing Agony to ramp to 10 faster. and the faster corruption ticks means siphon life glyph ticks more often too. I need to test but since MG replaces shadowbolt for affliction I am assuming that soul leech also works with it.

  12. Yeah, I suppose I didn't look too closely. Saw "good with DoTs" and ran with it. :-)