Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ding! 86!

I know, I know. Everyone else is posting their level 90 screenies. I'm cackling at my title because I just hit 86 last nighit. Like I said, slooooowlock.

This isn't to say I'm not completely enjoying myself, because I am. I've added the SB+SS move to my playbook now, and pretty much use that as my opener everywhere fine DoTs are flung. I pop Elements and then hit MG and the life just leeches away. I always imagine the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. "He chose... poorly."

Here's a question you can help me with, dear readers. What is the best way you've found so far to capture pets in pet battles? BBB was writing the other day about a pet whose attack leaves the baddy at 1HP. Good stuff there. Are there any other clever ways?

Here's the thing. I like pet battles. I want to capture more pets. Sometimes, I also just want to kill things. Killing things is fun. Capturing is sort of a pain. I feel like I have to do it right now, when the pets are the right level, or later when I come back I'll just be one-shotting everything (or, if I put a lower pet out, it will get one-shotted).

In addition, do you guys know of an addon that will highlight pets on your mini-map that you do NOT have. I have a hard time remembering which ones I've captured. When I'm flying over them, I mouse over and try to think, but would love an addon that does this for me.

Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks in advance for the advice!


  1. LOL. Yes. Yes it should.

    If you squint and tilt your he- Nope. Not even close. Just one of those days. :-)

  2. what you can do is to use a attack type that does reduced/neutral damage against that particular pet. For example, say you are fighting against a undead pet. Then you should use a pet type that does not take increased damage against the undead(that means no humanoids) and does not use a critter type attack. A good pet type than that would help in catching a undead pet would then be a Beast type or a Mechanical type.

    One more thing, it also helps if you have a pretty large stable of pets to call upon. On my toon, i have 8-9 different team comps that I can call up at a notice and all are within 1-2 levels of each other. That means I can swap in and out appropiate pets to help in catching them :) What can I say? I did clock in about 60 odd hours on Pokemon emerald the las time just trying to catch some rare pokemons :P

  3. There are three pet battling addons that I use, and that I would recommend.

    The first is PetCaught, which does exactly what you're looking for - it also tells you the quality of the pet you've caught on your minimap and in the tooltip when you mouseover the pet in the world.

    The second is PetJournalEnhanced, which allows you to sort your pets in more ways than Blizzard released.

    The final one is PetBattleQualityGlow, which tells you what quality of pet you are fighting by highlighting its health bar (based on the stats of what you're fighting).

    These are invaluable timesavers, and will also help you if you're after the achievements.

    The first two, iirc, are available on curse - PBQG is on WoWInterface.

  4. @LDS - Yeah. That "pretty large stable" is what is holding me back. I mean I have plenty of pets, but they're all level 1. Catching new ones helps (since they come in at that level), but it becomes a chicken or egg thing then. I was hoping to basically power level one pet team to the level 85 areas so I could pet battle while leveling...

    @PE - Nice! I'll check those out. Thanks.

  5. One other piece of advice I can offer.

    Level a moth that will unlock Cocoon Strike later in its life. It's broken as hell.

  6. Getting gear for my resto druid to make the LFR cut has been... special.
    Anyway, thanks to my scribe, I got an Inscribed Red Fan:

    That puts the resto druid at ilvl 460.

    So why should this matter to a warlock blog? My scribe is a warlock! You weren't kidding about the SB + SS combo. Open with that. UA + Haunt, MG to fill and DS to finish to get your shards back. Profit. So easy a healer can do it.

    Oh, the 'lock hit 86 questing and farming mats for the fan. I'm gonna have to re-think this toon just being a banker alt.

  7. It is pretty addicting, isn't it? I feel like I had previously conditioned myself to put up with trash/grinds in order to get to the boss fights because Aff'locks sucked on trash but were great fun on bosses. Now, they've done a wonderful job so that both are fun. Having primarily played an Aff'lock for years... I don't know if I ever knew what it was like to enjoy trash/grinds, but now I do!

  8. I went with the Grimoire of Supremacy and Glyph of Demon Training so I could be an aff'lock with my own personal tank. I've had multiple mobs on mister staypuffed and he's taken it like a champ. I just dot everything up and let him take the beating.
    Glyph of Soul Shards is pretty good for farming too. More shards = more mobs to pull = faster profit.

  9. Right on. Though I think I've been told for raids I'm supposed to go Sacrifice, but I've been rolling with a similar setup, only Shivarra out. Her CC is good while I'm bursting the first mob down (Ha! Bursting! Look at me!).

    The gather and DoT method is so old school... ;-p

  10. I have the Sacrificial Pact talent (the shield at the expense of your demon's health).

    They way I'm playing is more of a chain and dot method. I'd try to keep two mobs dotted while moving along and looking for a third. Once I had three active mobs I'd stop pulling till one died.

    Here is the little face melter in training....

    Just about everything was decided along the lines of 'that looks neat' without exactly comparing it to alternatives.

    I'm not sure if I'm gonna try to raid with him. I have my resto-druid for that.

  11. Sometimes it's just nice to pick the "looks neat" option, isn't it?