Monday, October 29, 2012

87... and Cooking.

These are really inspiring post titles, I know. The generic nature of the content seems to merit a numeric title in my mind. That, and it's a not-so-subtle reminder that I'm totally behind. It's by choice, so I'm not totally angsty about it. In fact, it's been a nice flip-side for me. Instead of rushing to try to understand everything and then provide good information here... I'm sort of learning from y'all. I definitely appreciate all the commentors who have been stopping by.

So as the title indicates, I hit 87 over the weekend. I was actually able to do a good amount of leveling, and I'm almost halfway to 88. I'm doing a lot of work with the farm folk right now, and some young Pandarian girl is following me around exclaiming about all of the neat things. The Warlock in me wants to shard her.

Or is it "orb" her now that I'm a vampire warlock?

Joking aside, the leveling process continues to be fun. They've done a good job. Even going as slowly as I've been going has been engaging. Seems like the right amount of story to me.

Here's another question perhaps you guys can help me with. What's up with cooking leveling? Do you only run into the trainer later? I have all these cooking ingredients but can't find any recipes. I generally like to simply level my stuff as I go, making use of drops and what-have-you. I have all these items marked "cooking ingredients" filling up my bag... but no recipes to utilize them. Without doing a whole bunch of research, I simply looked up a trainer and he/she/it seemed to be someplace I'd not discovered yet. Anyone else have this issue during their initial leveling journey?


  1. Since you've been doing stuff with the tillers, higher level cooking quest can ONLY be unlock with them. And Blizzard really went out of their way to make cooking tougher. There are many many different subgenre of cooking, and they won't be available until level 90. So for now, just keep planting your seed on your 4 plot land (or buy 'em off AH) and stocked up. If you have guildy that's best friend with the drunk, have them scoop you what the best crop of the day is and plant that.

  2. Thanks. So it sounds like my feeling of hording for later is completely correct. Odd design choice. Perhaps the first time I've had to do the "cocked head" gesture at the screen.

  3. actually you can start the cooking stuff prior to 90 you can't gain any Tillers REP prior to 90 and doing the dailys, but you can level up cooking. There is a cooking trainer at halfhil market, right across from the kite flight person. you can get your cooking high enough with her and the ingredients she sells to open up the "Way of" cooking tiers

  4. Yeah, I just ran into these guys in my playing last night. Awesome. Thanks!

  5. The first quests those trainers have you complete, reward you with ironpaw tokens. You can use those tokens to purchase the goods for the recipes from the next guy. The guy with the daily "get me supplies" also sells bags of veggies, fish and meat for a single token. You should be able to finish off the first 2 recipes for each trainer without a ton of grinding. Just spend those tokens.

  6. Yeah, now that I've found them it isn't so angst-inducing. It was just weird that it took so long to be introduced to the proper trainers. They should have given you some sort of "seed" quest. That is something picked up directly at 85 that would slowly lead you to the trainers. Something that I'd review in my log and just be able to say "oh, yeah... that's coming."

    Maybe it's just me, but I started to get the feeling like maybe I'd missed it and was just being a derp.

  7. I agree about it being different. You can run to Halfhill at 85 and level cooking. Also if you have a low level cook and want to raise him up to full Pandarian cooking it is very easy at Halfhill.. you can buy most of the ingredients there and you need like 1-2 stacks of the generic golden fish or something to get past parts of the cooking.

  8. ehrmahgerd I actually won a roll.
    Ohhh... ohhh no... Hang on Elizabeth... this could be the big one.

    Bonus points for getting the TV reference. Should be easy for old people. =P

  9. No bonus points for me. Grats tho!

  10. Back to LFR part 1. Three bosses. 6 rolls. No loot.

    Bonus point answer: Sanford & Son