Wednesday, October 24, 2012

86.75: A Balancing Act

Yep, crawling along. Do you ever experience the phenomenon where you have an hour or so "blocked off" in your mind for gaming. I tell myself, "Okay, I'm going to give task X until 11, then I'm going to play some WoW." The problem isn't with task X, it's Y and Z that pop up and interrupt X. Then, all of a sudden it's 11 and X hasn't even gotten started.

This keeps happening to me. Football is over for me, so a bunch of time has been freed up. However, all the other crap I put off during the season is also vying for the same time. And, with the last couple of months I've had, stuff isn't exactly organized. Generally, I'm great with lists. Right now, I have lists of lists. It's ridiculous.

Gaming, at best, is a balancing act as far as hobbies go. You could always play more. And right now my sense of balance is all topsy-turvy, but not in a horrible way. It's not all been bad things. There have been a lot of good interruptions. Like unexpected family visits. Friends stopping by to say "hi." That sort of thing.

Inevitably, in the above situation, I end up actually logging on at 11:30 with the intention to play for a half hour. As soon as the pixels load, I notice that like three or four friends are on, and I have to say hello. Generally at least one of them has a proper topic of conversation (the others are all raiding), so I end up chatting. And circling Dalaran Stormwind.

And then my time is up. I needs mah beauty sleep.

Last night I completed three quests (I'd picked them up where I logged off, so they were locked and loaded so-to-speak), one pet battle, a bag cleaning run, a repair, five tailoring levels, five enchanting levels, trained those both up, and finished with the cooking and fishing dailies (they were right there). I was chatting the whole time.

Now, that's pretty productive, but if you notice, the actual amount of straight experience gained is not massive. Such has been my problem. I like to do all the things and a half hour just isn't enough. Or maybe it is, if you're okay with achieving the "server last to 90" achievement. (I wonder how they could implement such a thing).

I've decided I'm okay with it. Before, I've always been one of the first to be ready to raid. This time, I'm just going to saunter on in several months from now. I'll probably catch up in boss kills to the rest of y'all in like a week (You know, with the nerfs and all. Because there will be nerfs). Then you are all going to be super-indignant. But only Paladins are allowed to relish in the righteous fury. Just sayin'.


  1. I'm still grumbling to myself over the old person comment from last night!


  2. LOL. My hip is still pretty sore today :-D.

  3. Random things:
    Wait till you get to the rep grinds.
    Have you done Farmwow yet? That alone is a time sink.
    Monks are insane fun. Level 64 in a little over 1 day played time.
    The warlock is stuck playing Farmwow.
    Third time through LFR part1. Nine bosses, twelve loot rolls, no drops. What did I do to piss of the RNG god?
    Farmed up a pair of Stylin Jungle Hats. 2nd most pimpin' hat in the game.

  4. Ha. At this rate, but the time I get to the rep grinds and such, they'll all be nerfed so that just typing "hey I'm on the rep grinds" in chat gets me to exalted and gear is showered upon me. (That's how it went with previous expansions, isn't it?)

  5. You need to rep grind to open up the valor point vendors. Without rep tabards it is... slow.
    Being a healer I have to rep grind in my off spec. Of course, if I wanted to spend so much time as dps, I wouldn't have rolled a healer.
    Rep grinding used to be easy for healers. Get to friendly, buy the tabard, run LFD, profit.
    Now my healer has to spend a lot (most) of time not healing. I'm not too keen on this.

  6. Yes. Our main job is to rez the warlocks after they think they can tank. =P

    1. Interesting because I find I am the one using my brez on tanks and healers who can't move out of the bad

    2. lol

      Perhaps this is l33tist of me, but any 'lock who lets anything hit him/her is a bad 'lock. (I would totally sucker the mage into tanking first with a well timed aggro drop.)

      (Speaking of...) Our aggro drop got BETTER in Mists, and before it was probably one of the worst of the straight DPS classes. When you're used to dealing with/timing that drop, the new one is gloriously easy (So far anyway. Admittedly I have not raided).

      I'm with k-bear - I'm far more likely to be the one slinging a b-rez to a derp tank or tunnel-visioned healer than the other way around. Generally, I'm the last one to die. Warlocks have always been pretty hardy, even when we think we can tank (a role that I've succeeded at for moments while the b-rezzed tank is getting rebuffed. Drain Tank ftw).

      I do try to show my healers proper appreciation, however. Stressful role and totally against my nature :-D.

    3. I am faced with having to switch to my priest to heal :(

    4. I think I've b-rezzed more warlocks than anything. That may just because we have a pair of locks that like to clown around in my guild.
      Then again, I'm sure I'm going to the special hell.

    5. See, the point is that I remember when she was just a kid, Hermione, from the Harry Potter movies.

    6. In some ways, I'm pretty sure that I'm still a kid. :-D

      Also, isn't there some rule of thumb where your "eligible" dating range is like half your age plus 7? (Don't ask me where I pulled this formula from.) She falls within that range for me.

    7. Nice save! I'm pretty sure she is exactly half my age. So much for damnation. I guess I'll have to drink my way to that one. *sips scotch* ahhh damnation...

      Growing up is for grown ups. I fully intend on being a teenager forever.

  7. Hey Ful! I just reactivated my account to check out Panda, and thought I would drop by your blog and see how you were doing :). Good to hear you are still playing, I feel like almost no one I know still WoWs. Anyhoo, just thought I would drop a comment and say hello, since I know I kinda go MIA frequently. I am in Law School now, and that kinda makes my gaming time... limited. Lol. Anyhoo, hopefully I will see ya online sometime.

    Peace out,
    AV out

    1. Hey AV! I'm still kicking, though I changed servers so I'm on Alexstrasza. Grats on law school. Definitely going to cut into the old /playtime.

      I think we were realID'ed, but if not, shoot me an email and I'm sure we can find each other at some point. :-)

      Good to hear from you.

    2. I am pretty sure we did Real ID one another, but if I dont see ya on for awhile(I have not seen ya on yet) I will let ya know! Whatcha doing over on Alextraza? I assume you are in a new guild? I am just lvling my monk with a friend over on lightbringer atm, not sure what I am going to do after I hit 90 with him since I dont know anyone else on that server except 2 RL friends. We shall see!

    3. Long story, but basically there are folks on Lothar that I'm actively avoiding. RL drama bleeding over into WoW. (Imagine that, it works both ways!)

      My cousin has an active and healthy guild on Alex and I've been wanting to play with her for a while now, so it was a pretty simple solution. They're raiding and when I eventually get capped and geared, I may get to sub... works out well for me.