Wednesday, October 17, 2012

86.5 Now

I'm really burning through these levels, aren't I? Side benefit: I'm in that awkward space where I'm behind everyone, but everyone isn't far enough ahead that there are a bunch of alts in my areas. The leveling experience is quite pleasant, even if slow.

The last time I asked a question (about pet addons), I got great replies. I've installed pretty much all of the suggestions and am well on my way to becoming an expert pet battler. Except... well, how do you level? The intro quest guides you through the zones nicely. When you get to the continent quests, the first guy it pointed me to was sporting level 17 pets. Mine are just this side of 10. How do I get from 10 to 17? What zones should I be in?

I did some searching, but I didn't find a good resource that will tell me which zones contain certain levels of pets. Oh, I found plenty that will tell me where the rares spawn, or a list of what is available. But what about the naturally occurring levels? I'm 98% sure I'm just being a derp and missing it somewhere simple. So I figured I'd ask. Any of you pet battlers out there know what I'm looking for?

Thanks in advance for the help!


  1. For the most part, my experience has been that you'll find a range of battle pets to fight in each zone, much like you would for leveling up. What I've done is just leveled pets like I'd level myself - get to a level above where I am now, then move to the next area. Once you start seeing more pets at a lower level than yours, move on.

    I haven't gone as far as some others, but my leveling path so far has been Stormwind/Elwynn -> Westfall -> Redridge -> Duskwood -> North Stranglethorn -> Booty Bay area.

    You might be able to check with @Kialesse on twitter (who currently is the only guild member of ours with level 25 pets), and I'm sure she'd be willing to give some insights.

  2. Wowhead actually has an article on the leveling progression of pet battles. One thing to note as well, don't be afraid of pets being 1 or 2 levels under the current zone if you have type effective pets. For example if you're facing off against level 5 beast type pets, it's alright to bring out a level 3 mechanical pet actually.

  3. @LDS - Perfect! Exactly what I needed. I knew it had to be somewhere.

    @PE - Stranglethorn was becoming too low, and then I didn't remember what came next. It's been a long while since I've leveled anything in Easter Kingdoms.

  4. Cruising around on my yak mount with my monk picking up candy buckets and the occasional quest/archeology site got me 4 levels while I fought maybe 5 mobs.

    If you do roll a monk and want to level quickly then be sure to do the zen pilgrimage daily. It grants you an 'enlightened' buff with increases your exp gain by 50% for one hour. Every 10th level you get two of these quests which will extend the buff to 2 hours. I also have a near full set of heirlooms and I'm in a level 25 guild. Between all of that I'm getting 205% exp.
    Oh wait, I'm rested, so it is more.

    Monks have it soooo easy.

  5. Ha, thanks for the info. Not rolling a monk anytime soon. Not enough time!

    Besides, monks have to take a vow of silence (not WoW-canon, I know) and, well, I'm pretty sure that's impossible for me.

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  7. Don't think monks are supposed to drink either. *sips Talisker* Ahh...