Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hell on Heels

It's been a while since I threw out some fan fiction on Friday. Wanted to write something quick and fun in the Diablo universe (since that's where I've been spending my time). I scheduled this to go up on Friday (I was away on vacation). Apparently I failed, so you get some fiction on a Tuesday. Oh well. Hope you enjoy.

The Demon Hunter grunted as she pulled her heel out of the corpse's arm. There was a sickening plop as the dispossessed limb settled back to the mossy ground. She plucked a bolt from the quiver at her waist, and fired down into the body... just to be sure.

"Would hate to be a villager around here," she mumbled.

She surveyed the graveyard, attempting to count the forgotten bodies. The practice grew tiring after the first dozen or so. They clearly outnumbered the headstones.

"Large village."

The hunter moved forward with a lithe grace that was more animal than human. Nephalem. The word echoed in her brain. She'd never much considered the term, but it'd been popping up far too often lately. Was she, in fact, one of the bastard children of the angels? A hybrid fostered from a heavenly pairing with the very thing she despised?


The crack of a splitting stone yanked her attention to the right. Twin crossbows whipped around to point at the offending mausoleum. The stone slab sealing the chamber crumbed to the ground. For a moment, she just stared into the darkness. And then, dozens of chattering red creatures poured fourth, swarming toward her across the green.

"Vengeance will be mine," she growled.

The night gave way to a tempest of fire. Blazing bolts streamed toward the attacking horde, each bolt finding purchase in the flesh of a demon. The burning beasts did not falter, though. They crashed onward. A wave of flame meant to smash the lone figure that stood in defiance of their invasion.

The hunter knelt, and for a moment darkness reclaimed the night. The demons surged forward. At the last second, the hunter's head snapped up, eyes aglow.

The lead demon took a swipe. The hunter leaped high into the air, somersaulting and twisting, bringing her weapons to bear. She was firing again long before her feet found the earth.

In the space she'd just vacated, a small tuft of smoke puffed. Small, glittering objects scattered among the demons. The screeches were immediate. Sharp pieces of metal punctured demonic feet, all but halting the advance.

The hunter smiled. From a satchel on her hip, she drew out a small, spherical object. Pulling a pin, she tossed it into the cluster.

"... two, thr--"

The explosion was deafening. Bits of gore splattered among the headstones. When the displaced dirt settled and the smoke cleared, naught but a bloody crater remained.

The hunter rose languidly. A contented sigh escaped her lips. She tucked a stray strand of hair back behind her ear.

Then, she stalked away in search of more prey.

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