Friday, June 8, 2012

#Diablo - Vanquished, Now What?

This post may contain mild spoilers. Fair warning. I'm not going to do it on purpose, but I didn't want folks to take a chance if they didn't want to. I finished Diablo last night, on normal mode. It was a great game for the price of free. Probably would have been solid at full price, but you can't beat free.

I've learned that my monk is pretty much OP. Some of the normal bosses are a struggle on my Demon Hunter. I have to be quick with moving out of the bad and such, but the Monk can just stand and take it. My self-healing is ridiculous. Made the final boss a bit of a joke, if you ask me. I wasn't really ever in danger of dying.

I didn't care for the ending so much. Maybe I wasn't emotionally invested enough, but it just didn't speak to me. I guess it was a happy ending. I'm not sure. Seemed like more of an ambivalent, quickly produced ending. Are there alternate endings on harder difficulties? Extended cuts? I guess after all the build-up, it was just a pretty mundane ending. I don't know if I was expecting to see shots of them toppling Emperor Palpatine's statue, dancing Ewoks, and space fireworks, or what.

Long time fans of the series may note that the story was pretty true to the flavor of the games. These are gore-fests. Perhaps a happy, emotional ending would tarnish the art. I don't know. Having only played Diablo III, I enjoyed the lore, the gameplay, and the story right up until the end. Is it just me, or did the ending seem rushed? Act IV went so much faster than the previous acts. I guess I would have liked them to be more balanced.

Or maybe I'd just figured out the game, so what took me a long time before was much quicker. Like I said, my Monk felt OP, so perhaps I just picked the "easy" class. If I had struggled more at the end, it probably would have seemed longer.

I'm not sure what I want to do now. I wish I could max out my character by doing something other than simply replaying what I just finished. Like if they had some challenge modes or something. Not just a difficulty slider, but like where they throw you into a scenario and you just try to beat it. Like zombie mode in FPSes or some sort of PvE arena. Make the reward dependent on how long you survive or something.

I plan try and jump into groups with some of my friends. That should help extend the life of the game, but only if I can find them on. I'm not sure what I'll do when left to my own devices. Am I the only one that would just like a simple "killing mode" where you don't have to experience the story again? I'm probably just being picky.


  1. Every class is supposed to feel OP, but especially in Normal mode. The game gets significantly harder, and normal is basically a tutorial.

    Yes, the story is extremely weak, even for Diablo standards.

    You don't play Diablo games for the story, you play to slaughter hordes and hordes of enemies and have fun upgrading your gear.

    The space bar, on default bindings, will skip dialogue. They've said they're going to add an auto skip cut scenes option, but you can escape out of those for now.

  2. The harder difficulties are much more fun. If you really want a challenge, roll a hardcore character. Not only is the game over if you die, but the mobs are tougher. It feels like I am playing with a 2nd person (in regards to mob strength) but without the benefit of a 2nd person.

    The cool part about hardcore is you have NO help from any other character. You start out with no money and no stash upgrades. You also have a separate auction house.

  3. Yeah, Normal mode could also be referred to as "Story Mode". Relatively easy gameplay so you can get told the story. Gameplay gets notably more interesting in Nightmare and beyond.

    In regards to the Monk being also becomes less prevalent in Nightmare and beyond. But even at the higher difficulty, I found the Monk to have much more survivability than my Wizard, generally speaking. Although I found many bosses easier on my Wizard just because he's not melee and can avoid a lot of crap.

    As far as story in the harder levels, I've only just finished it on Nightmare. I didn't find anything new other than maybe a few books, etc. that provide tidbits of lore. Not so much extra story.

    With that said, it would be a fair assumption to expect an expansion with additional story. There are definitely a few loose ends to tie up. Hopefully that will be a bit more substantial of an ending with that, as well. (And some new classes to noodle around with.)

  4. Hey Ful, I hadn't played the earlier games either and a friend recommended this site for a bit of background on the lore. It nicely explained a number of things and why they were there. I suggest a peek even after finishing Normal mode.

    The only difference I saw with Nightmare was picking up the Templar follower at first, I had the Enchantress with me. There was a bit of dialogue where he checks her out saying something like "and who's this lovely stranger?" and she blushes.

  5. Thanks all.

    I'll check out that site, Elk.

    After having played through, I sort of wish that you could have picked which difficulty mode to start on. I could understand leaving the top mode locked or whatever, but I think I would have liked more of a challenge on the initial play-through. I hope they'll have some DLC, and that will likely spice things up.

    All and all, I'm not displeased, just sort of feel like "now what?" In my single player games, I like to feel a sense of completion at the end (even if there's a whole bunch of secret side content). Even with hack and slash games. I guess part of me simply dislikes not being at max level but being to the end of the story... just feels odd.

  6. Got any advice for PvPing in an affliction spec?

  7. Read Cynwise? :-)

    I generally PvP'ed as a DK. The few times I PvP'ed as an aff'lock, survivability was the name of the game. The goal was to outlast an opponent with your DoTs ticking. You can't count on CC to stick these days, so I may sure to spec/gear with health in mind. I also tried my best to be elusive.

    The best times I had in PvP on my 'lock were when I could ride on the platform of a demo.