Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sporadic Posting Inc

I've been a bad blogger. Seriously, one post last week? That's slacking. I honestly tried to write a second post on Friday, but was so busy that it has sat half-finished in the unpublished state. I've tried over the years (wow, has it been years?) to not make a whole lot of these self-indulgent apology-type posts. I think we have an unspoken bond of trust, whereby I do my best to write interesting things and not waste your time, and you believe that I'm doing my best. It may not be true in all cases, but the assumption has generally served me well.

As such, I'll keep this short. Don't want to waste your time, you know. Day Job is acting up just as optional Night Job (as an author) is struggling through my final round of edits for my latest book. Day Job is sending me to our plant in Juarez, Mexico. I'm actually writing this during my layover in Houston. Though, I'll have post it later because I'm not paying $7.95 for sub-par wifi for an hour. Nor am I downloading your software, Boingo. If you'd just pop some ads up, I'd be okay with that. Annoying, but I get it, you gotta make money, too.

Anyway, it probably comes as no surprise that my gaming has taken a bit of a back seat. And when you don't game, it makes it really tough to write about gaming. I'm not quitting though, I guess I just wanted to poke my head in and say "hi." A lot of you are probably caught up in the whole Guild Wars 2 storm right now anyway. I've got nothing to add there. I don't plan to play it upon release. I may check it out at some point (some of my Facebook friends have already pulled me into a group they have for the game), but it'll have to be when I get some time.

SWTOR has been frustrating lately. For a while, Reps were winning a lot, and things were good. By a lot, I mean probably 50% of the time. Coming from a much lower percentage, it seems like a lot. Then, things swung back the other way. Now it seems that every time I log on, I can't get a win. Makes it not so much fun. So I levelled an Imp to 10. Got a win my first try. I'd like to keep working on my main, but not at the expense of fun. With the introduction of the Legacy perks in 1.2, I think it's high time I spent a bit on alts. So my plan is to swing away from PvP and back to levelling. I'll queue while I'm working on quests, just to see if I can get on a lucky streak, but no reason to beat my head against a wall.

For WoW, I'll probably have to miss my raid this Friday on account of travel. My plane will just be touching down when we're supposed to start. Maybe I'll catch the tail end of some action, who knows. Otherwise, I've not had time to jump in the beta any more. Surprise, surprise.

Maybe next week. Though, at this pace, it'll more likely be May 15th before I can work in some solid time. Yes, that date choice is intentional: Diablo III should drop. It may make a great (and free) welcome back gift. Until then, expect some sporadic posting.


  1. What to say about the current state of raiding in WoW? My main's run is burning out. We cleared all of DS-10 normal and 7/8 of Firelands in one night. And yet another nerf bat is in the offing for DS. No one shows up for the alt run. Outside of trying to get my shammy to 85 I have nothing to do.

    Mists can't get here fast enough. Speaking of which, I had some fun with a human monk in the beta the other night and all I did was get him out of newbiedom.

    OTOH, D3 is close now. I should probably turn on the down loader tonight and leave the ole PC on.

  2. Yeah. I'm oddly excited about DIII. Makes me glad I did the year thing, because I'm only pretty "meh" on WoW right now. The free game really does seem to be worth it, if only because it'll give me a month or two of solid co-op content to enjoy with my wife.

  3. Diablo is definitely goong to act as a lifeline for a lot of people over the last months before Mists. Can't wait :-)

    Good luck with your new book! Editing is such a sh*tload of work, I'm surprised you're getting anything else done af all.

  4. This is the last pass, so a lot has already been done. Still, since Day job has to come first, I keep a steady, little-at-a-time pace. Only a couple hours a night. Sometimes I wish I could move more quickly, but I like to remain sane.

  5. Don't fret too much Fulguralis. It's that time of the expansion. You're either playing the beta, or your filling time until the expansion.

    Personally it's been playing 3x3 arenas on my healer. We're sporting a 1280 score for 65 matches. Hoping for 1500 before the season ends.

  6. I'm filling time until D3 :-).

    Good luck with that rating. Did that for a while before the last expansion. It's a great time-filler!

  7. My weekend raiding summed up: Whadyaamean there are no valor point pants??? /facepalm