Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Grinch Was a Warlock

I had a fleeting concern the other night. I say fleeting because I'm a Warlock, not a Paladin. As this concern has to do with others' feelings, it's not very warlocky of me to have it. Still, it was an interesting thought that I wanted to share.

It came, uninvited, when I logged into a raid my buddy was running. I'm not a regular raider anymore, but I get asked to come regularly. I'm only able to make perhaps every fifth raid, but I do like the occasional nighttime Deathwing ride. My gear/skill is tolerable enough that I'm never a drag on the teams I help out, but I'm no longer competing for top spot on the charts, either.

Anyway, I noticed I had a somewhat jaded attitude, especially toward gear. My buddy, the raid leader, is rather new to the game still. He joined at the end of Wrath. He's in the prime of his WoW career. Everything excites him. Especially the loot.

Me, on the other hand... I think it's fair to say that I'm in the winter of my time with WoW. This isn't to say that I have immediate plans of leaving, just that I've been through enough that I don't get very excited about a lot of the game. Especially the loot. Indeed, I find myself focused more on long-needed quality-of-life improvements (like talent tree improvements) than the more transitory tier gear, or raiding instances. It just doesn't get me excited because I know if I wait a few months, there'll be a new batch of content.

Now, I haven't really said anything to this person, or really in public (apart from this post), but I've developed an attitude that anyone who cares about gear is silly. I'm not an asshat about it. I don't force this belief on others. I just sort of do the behind-the-screen eye-roll when people get overly excited about a drop. When someone starts talking about gear score and what gear you should have and yadda-yadda... I want to scream: NONE OF IT MATTERS! But I don't.

As I was stopping myself from yelling yet again during the raid (while a prolonged who-gets-the-loot discussion was going on), I thought: Why should I rain on their parade? They think gear is fun, and divvying up the spoils is a big part of the game to them. Who am I to ruin that, to steal that joy? Doing more than my private eye-roll would be akin to walking into their house and taking a poop right in the middle of the living room during a party. Or maybe ordering a minion to. If it were a party of mages, I might be on board with this plan, but it's a party of friends.

If we pull back and look at the state of WoW from 30k ft, I think it's fair to say that, in general, more players are in the winter of their careers than the prime. This isn't to say there's a significant portion of each, just that the game's been out for a while. Newbies are going to naturally get harder and harder to find. Yet how many veterans are raining on the newbie parade? How many let their jaded attitudes go further than a private eye-roll?

I, for one, am going to endeavor to keep my curmudgeonly-ness sequestered in the dark corners of my soul. I want for others to find the same joy in this game that I've experienced over the years. I'd love for them to make it to their own winter. I don't want to be the Grinch Who Stole WoW. It is perhaps a personal flaw in the first place that I even feel the slightest bit of resentment toward their joy. Why is it sometimes such a struggle to just be happy for others?

And then I realized I'm a Warlock. I'm not supposed to be happy. Period. I'm supposed to enslave demons, and lurk, and stuff like that. I carry around the souls of the dearly departed in candy-like crystals. I've probably popped one or twelve in my mouth simply to taste the sweetness. I shouldn't feel too guilty about a spot of random irritability, right?

SERIOUSLY GUYS, THIS GEAR IS GONNA SUCK IN LIKE... when is MoP coming out again?

JK. Get on wit' your bad looty self. You go, newb.


  1. I think it's very noble of you to not want to be a Grinch. But as soon as they start whining about /your/ gear, just lay the smack down!

  2. Oh, agreed. As soon as they shine a radiant light in my shadowy corner... ima raise unholy fel!

  3. Also, don't let that noble bit get out...

  4. With the transmog feature sometimes I'm more interested in what gear looks like than how useful it is.
    Check out my warlock's new hat.
    50g in the AH. Every gnome should have one. =)

    1. Agreed, I'll get to maxing my gear out, when I like the way my toon looks standing there in front of me all the time.

      My lock is now sporting the horns from the warlock-only quest.

  5. True dat.

    I'm partial to fedoras m'self. :-)

  6. But but but...! Two things.

    1. Seeing from a big-picture perspective, none of WoW matters, as it's a game and all pixels and not real and whatnot.
    2. When we agree that in the context of a guild and raid and as a hobby, WoW *does* matter, then gear matters too. Yes, I too roll my eyes when someone throws a tantrum because his alt lost a raid finder roll on a piece that would have been a marginal upgrade. But main raiders who work on progression content, try to squeeze the last point of dps out of their characters, and then it does matter. Because they're working on the current content and not the tier that will come out in a few months and render the current gear useless, lol.

    I guess what I'm getting at is, gear isn't that important to you *because* you are casual now and don't cry if you don't own the damage meters.

    Just sayin'. Now move over and let me have my lewts!! xD

  7. Heya Fulguralis,

    Feel good about what you did, you let them have their fun even if it's only until MoP hits and that puple shiny is replaced by a new lvl 86 green one.

    I'm not sure if you are in a WoW winter or not. It just sounds like your tastes have changed along with your attitude of the grind of gear chasing. I think that happens to us all :)

    I tried to comment yesterday, but my feedreader wouldnt work for some strange reason :( Good post, I enjoyed it.

  8. @Sibylle - Exactly. And I think I'd feel a bit differently if the folks I usually run with were avid min/maxers. This is a firmly casual crowd.

    @Amijade - Thanks. It's not always easy stamping down on the inner warlock. :-)

  9. lol.. Yeah, I got my finally tier piece from the LFR, I now have my set bonus and ... oh, yeah, questing greens in 4-ish months.. Whenever Arena's ladders are finally done.

  10. Set bonuses just don't mean what they used to. That, and I wasn't overly thrilled at the affliction warlock bonus if I recall...