Thursday, May 17, 2012

#Diablo - Onward to Ring Two

I spent another night in Diablo yesterday. I figured I'd join the blogosphere with some Day 2 insights. Only these will be less of insightful. It's more like I was able to verify a lot of what I learned through comments yesterday and wanted to publicly declare it. Which sounds sort of egotistical, but one of my general principles here has been to simply chronicle what I've learned. Chances are, though there are many people that learned before me, I won't be the last.

Anyhoo, the night started off with another server scare. Logged on only to be immediately rebuffed. Error 37, or 3003, or whatever. I think they should have renamed it error 666, just cuz. So I went and tended to my Castleville castle, stared at some football slides, and came back about 30 minutes later. Got right in.

Fuu had finished downloading somewhere in there and logged in herself. The first thing I want to report is that the ease of a private multiplayer session were just as easy as described. Fuu exists on my realID list. I clicked her name, and my monk ported into her game. Pretty neat, though I was slightly OP since she'd just started. We had fun playing co-op for the rest of the night with nary a disconnection.

I've swiftly gotten over my initial displeasure at a lack of character customization. You don't really zoom in close enough to mind. Also, since gear can change, at the level we can say, that's probably enough.

Playing co-op meant I got to see how the story varied if it were Fuu (witchdoctor) or me (monk). Pretty similar, though slightly different flavor. A cool thing I learned is that all the dungeons re-spawn randomly. That is, we did the first cathedral part again... and it was different! Some stuff was recognizable, but I didn't know where I was going. That's pretty cool. I had seen someone mention that feature, but hadn't experienced it for myself.

So Diablo was good last night. Hopefully the servers can remain stable enough to play. If not, there's always Zynga, the Productivity Vacuum company.

Thanks to all the folks that commented yesterday. It was all just as you said.


  1. you can actually press z to zoom in to look at your character ;)

  2. Ha! Learn something new every day. Though now that I've grown used to the POV, zooming in is a bit unsettling. :-)