Wednesday, May 30, 2012

#Diablo - Musta Been Tuesday

Got the "Error 37" rigamarole last night. Awesome. My evening activities were cancelled. I'd already cleaned the bathrooms. My wife was raiding... but there were no spots for me. All I wanted to do was log in and play my purchased single-player game in peace. Oh, wait. It's patch day. And WoW is up, running smoothly, but Diablo is full? Must have been full because the server was up.

So here's my question, if Blizz is trying to make Diablo like WoW in that it runs from a server and all that... where the hell is my queue? I never thought I'd say those words. Or these: Can we get a felling queue? Seriously. If this "Error 37" crap is caused by overburdened servers, then the least they could do is put me in a line for spots when they open up.

Maybe it was something else. Like I said, the website indicated the servers were up. I noticed on The Facebook and The Twitter that other folks were playing. I had patched completely. Why was I getting an E37? Was I just unlucky, something was messed up? Or were the servers really full.

I wanted to highlight a post by Targeter. It's pretty ranty, I'll warn you, but he raises good points. Points that I thought about, sort of irked me, but ultimately dismissed. The big one that I disagree with him on is the whole gold selling thing. I know Blizz said they didn't want to do gold selling, but it happened anyway (and companies, like people, can change their stance on things). My thought is that the best way to stop gold selling from third parties is to simply offer the gold yourself. Make it cheaper and more convenient than the other guy. Heck, I don't even mind them taking a cut. Whatever, this is a business. In my dream world, they'd make a bunch of money, stop charging subscriptions, and sell cheaper games (also never sell stuff in the AH that isn't readily available in the game. Make sure you didn't miss the "dream" part of this world).

I think it's silly that they're doing a second AH. I don't see how that lets you opt out. I mean, you can just buy gold and then go shop on the non-$$ AH, right? I guess it's a nice gesture.

At the end of the day, I can turn a blind eye to the AH stuff. I may throw some things up, maybe I'll make a couple bucks, who knows? Ultimately, the AH is a completely optional facet of the game. You can play from start to finish and never do any dealings on the AH. Thus, ignorable (unless you have moral qualms against it, which is your right, I just adopt a more live-and-let-live view, so it doesn't rile me up).

This logging online to try to play a single player game stuff, though... this is getting old. It wouldn't be so bad if it worked. But any DRM that prevents you from playing game is felling stupid in my opinion. Great way to lose customers. Blizz can afford to make these mistakes. They've delivered enough to convince people to give them the benefit of the doubt (me included), but they're the exception.

As things stand now, if I had not purchased a year pass, I would not have bought Diablo III. It is a great game. I'm enjoying playing it, when I can. I would have missed out. The game is great. All the other crap? Seems like one blunder after another.

Fine Blizz, if you're going to make us log into every game from now on... fine. Then make it felling work. My game time is precious. I can deal with maintenance windows. I can deal with full servers. But at least give me a queue. Really, is that too much to ask? I can be flexible, but only if I know what I'm being flexible for. If I know where I am in line, I can go do other things. Getting straight E37s just makes me want to write a strongly worded letter to the developer. Much like Targeter did.

Now, where did I put my lightsaber?


  1. Same issue here. I believe it was a issue, not a full server issue. There was a note around 9PM PDT that stated they were working on it. When I tried around midnight, I was able to logon and one-shot the skeleton king with my DK, er, DH.

  2. In that case, a queue probably wouldn't have helped, but it was still irksome.

    If this were not Blizzard, I might be more willing to just "let it go." But they should have learned all the background lessons through WoW. The login routines and stuff should not be all that different. Then again, I'm not rage-quitting or anything.

  3. My post is sorta ranty, now that I re-read it. But I still stick by it though ... I see something very troubling when I look at Diablo 3. But then again, that's just me. I'm glad folks are having fun playing it. I'm just worried about its effect.

  4. Yeah, they're good points. If there were a thin line in the sand of worry, I'm just barely on my side of it, shuffling toward where you are (based on how Blizz conducts itself after launch).

    I think the biggest difference between us (and perhaps the most controversial issue) is with the gold selling. I thought they should have just offered gold for sale in WoW. Make gold sellers redundant. Undercut them.

    It's sort of like my views on piracy. I think the best way to combat it is to makes sure your product is available for a reasonable price and in a convenient manner. There's a segment of society that will always want something for nothing, but I think most people are willing to pay for things they want. It's just a matter of not making them jump through hoops to get there. (Hence why DRM just plain sucks unless done well. The best example being Steam. There's sort of DRM there, but it's very, very light. And you can go offline.)

  5. Fwiw - Sometimes "ranty" is completely called for. It helps emphasize the points and you do it in a manner that doesn't stoop to things like personal attacks and such. So I didn't mean for that to be a negative or anything. Some readers just have a very low tolerance for rants.

  6. Your view on piracy is exactly the same as mine; I detest piracy as a whole, but I also understand that 1) a certain segment will always steal stuff and 2) if you make your product available, cheap, and with no strings attached (helloooo Torchlight!) then you generally will have a lot of goodwill that tends to curb that stuff.

    As for the ranting, well, I do try to keep it based on an idea and never attack folks. I honestly expected a more negative reaction than I got with my D3 post. It's a very popular game and saying something bad about it usually isn't a good idea ;)

  7. So the interwebz were... rational?! *boggle*

  8. When I went to play D3 on Tuesday it told me I had to patch and the game would restart. It would shut down the game and then tell me I could not patch because the game was running. A few laps around this circle and I went to play WoW. C'mon Blizz!
    WoW went well. The new 85 resto-shammy got geared quickly. I hit 85 on 5/20. Last night, nine days later, and I'm in the LFR queue. The toon was rolled on 3/14. I think this is a record for me. Then again it helps to have bored guildies carrying me through things. And some crafted epics. And some VP epics.
    When did it get so easy? I remember walking to 40 before you could get a mount. Up hill. Both ways. In the snow. Grrrrrr, deez yutes have it too easy.

  9. One more thought, that being my 2 cents on the RMAH. Why? You pay money to buy a game. You then pay money to have someone play the game for you so you can buy their drops off them? Why did you buy the damned game if you didn't want to play it to the extent that you'll pay someone else to get gear for you? I'll never understand that. So search the couch for another 96 cents and get yourself a cup of coffee.
    Remember when that coffee was a quarter? If you do then you probably walked to 40. In the snow. etc....

  10. Yeah, I don't really plan to buy anything. I like being self-reliant. On the flip side, I'm not above providing extra drops that I get by way of playing for someone else that wants to throw some extra money into their character. In my mind, you either spend money or time. Some people have the money but not the time. I don't begrudge them using it. But then again, I'm not really competitive in my gaming. That is, I'm not a hard mode guy. (I certainly like to compete in the smaller groups for, say, top damage, or whatever.)