Thursday, May 24, 2012

#Diablo - A Monk-ee?

I hate wasps. I do not like them in real life, and I dislike them in Diablo III as well. A lot of it is probably because I'm a monk, a melee. I have to run through their stupid explodey offspring (or darts, or whatever) to attack them. And they run away. And the mini-wasps hurt.

Fortunately, I can teleport. What now, wasps?!

Anyone else find that they change their talent choices to match the trash? For a monk, I flip between many of the main attacks. The first one, with the teleport rune, is nice when stuff sits at ranged. Zip, zip, zip... dead. The second is great for waves of attackers. It has a slight range to it that knocks through the lines of baddies. I feel like shouting YOU SHALL NOT PASS. The third is amazing for dashing into giant groups of mindless zombies, and then going to town. I feel like a badass firework of death.

I've not quite found how I want to use the fourth one yet. The first three seem to cover my needs.

I tend to pair the basic attacks up with supplementary "hotkey" attacks. Like, if I'm in sweeping strikes (firework of death) mode, I put either the bell (for waves) or the immune-dashy attack (I know, I'm great with names) because it's fun. When using the teleport main attack, I try to use the other skills to boost AoE. So the main attack deals with the main body of baddies, the secondary stuff is for the random, annoying, one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other mobs. It's surprisingly fun and fluid. There's something to be said for having fewer abilities that mesh better together. I hope they apply this same thinking to MoP.


  1. Yeah, playing the Barbarian, wasps are my bane. I find that it works well to dodge the attacks, then use Seismic Slam to make them go splat at a distance... just gotta remember to lead the little bastards, or they fly out of the cone.

    Also, be glad you don't live in Arizona. We have tarantula hawks here. (They're really big wasps.)

  2. You know there's a way to unbind yourself from the 1-2-3-4 paradigm? Go into Options - Gameplay - and check "elective mode" in the right column. Then you can assign any skill you want to that 'useless' 4 key. It's nice if you want both the heal and the 3 second immunity, f'rinstance.

  3. I did not. I may have to do this. Thanks for the tip!