Monday, May 7, 2012

Any Newbie Warlocks?

Are y'all out there, lurking? I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but I swear I have good intentions. Like, I really thought the New Blogger Initiative was cool beans, but didn't feel like I could really sign up to sponsor because I'm more of a study in what not to do lately. Especially when you compare it to these stellar articles.

Side note, I really love the Pot. It makes my linking life a lot easier.

Instead, I wanted to mention that if there are any new warlock bloggers hoping to get in on this NBI thing, shot me a link in the comments of this post. I would love to link you in a post to be created at a later date. With all the gloom and doom Cynwise has been analyzing, new 'locky bloggers deserve a special mention.

Side note, from a warlocky perspective, isn't gloom and doom good?

I'm full of side notes today.

Hey! That can be my useful tip. Don't know what the hell to write about? Just start typing and then randomly throw in side notes. You can even give them their own paragraph to add length to your post. It's all about appearances, am I right?

Okay, so that's a lie. Content helps. Especially, if you want to get linked by the Pot. (Which, I must note--but not side note--is a laudable goal.)

Side post, are there many class specific SWTOR blogs out there? No, not you, Targeter. I already know about you. (But even you have branched out a bit). I think altitis has been encouraged so that the concept of a "main" is somewhat muddled in TOR, if not altogether destroyed. Anyway, I'd love to find someone writing about Balance Shadows. Does such a person exist? Google says "no" (apart from yours truly and forum guides).

Closing side note, Day Jobs suck. Just sayin'. (Which makes it okay.)


  1. Wasn't doom and gloom a talent name at some point?

    Or is my "remembering" just wishful thinking?

    As another "bad" warlock blogger I want to second this post! :D

  2. Ha, maybe. Can't recall offhand.

    I've been keeping a busy, half-eye on the links to see if I could catch any newbie 'locks. Sadly, I don't think I've seen any.

  3. You mean this one?.

    My suggestion to new bloggers is don't worry about hit counters. Sure I have one, but they only serve to depress when it's less than you imagine. They can also be deceptive, I have people linking to my site to grab images off my site, (Top 2 are an Orgrimmar map redo and chaos bolt flying at the screen). They're not actually reading my posts.. :/

    Second, cross-post (comments in other bloggers, forums, blog azeroth - shared topic) to get coverage for your blog. Make that title interesting (the first time) since it shows in the link list on the sidebars of fellow bloggers.

    You can't change your posts. RSS feed readers, blog side bars, etc. read it once and cache it. I've found that out recently when posting reviews of demo vs destro. I wanted destro to go out 2 days later, but screwed up on the scheduling. Couldn't revert the post, so they both came out the same day.

  4. Ha. Good find. (Also, random blogger spam filter snagged your comment. No worries, Doom and Gloom to the rescue!)

    Good suggestions. One of my top posts is still the Prot Pally spec post my wife wrote years ago. It's horribly out of date, but searches still point people to me. Random, the way traffic actually finds you. Celebrate it when you get it, but don't let a lack of it disappoint you.

    There was a time when I was really interested in getting linked by WoW Insider. That used to be a Big Deal (I think these days it's cooler to be linked by the Pot, but that's a personal preference. I just think they do a stellar job over there of combing through absolutely all of the posts, something WoW Insider maybe doesn't emphasize as much). Back in those days, sometimes I'd write a post and think "I hope this gets linked." Inevitably, those posts never did. It was the random posts that I "just wrote" that would get picked up. Weird how that works.

    Intelligent commenting seems (to me) to be the best way to grow solid, thoughtful traffic. I check out just about every person that leaves a comment here, and the people that are repeat offenders, they generally end up in my reader. That's half the battle. Then, when lightning strikes and you luck into a great post (because I'm convinced it's as much luck as effort), other bloggers are likely already reading. From that comes the linkage and the fun spikes. It's sort of a game of patience, though.

  5. I have branched out a bit, haven't I? I like to think of myself as an Agent-centric blogger, but I do stray. A lot. I think you're right; altitis is de rigueur.

  6. It's okay, I've been spending the majority of my time on alts now. Trooper and Sith Sorcerer. Admittedly, the Sorc is not a stretch from the Shadow, but it's kind of fun to play the almost-mirror.

    1. The Agent calls to you ... it caaaallllsss to yooooooou.


      Play an agent already.