Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Fail Week

Another week, another lack of post ideas from yours truly. I swear the weeks are flying by. Being busy in other areas of life will do that. Still, I'm hopeful for more than one post this week. Diablo is releasing tonight (at 3AM my time, I think... so effectively tomorrow after work, as I'm not taking the day off). That should give me something to write about later in the week.

For now, I did want to point out one thing. There's been a lot about ToR's recent subscriber loss. I don't have a whole bunch to say about it other than I'm still playing, still paying, and still feel like I'm getting my money's worth. It's a different sort of mindset than with WoW. I'm not really trying to do the endgame. I'm just trying to jump through all the stories. I basically do some random PvP, and while I'm waiting for the WZ to pop, I run the class quests. I don't pick up any other quests.

The benefit is that levels and planets come fast. The downside (?) is that everything is pretty challenging. I'm routinely under-leveled for things, and every so often I run up against an elite that I cannot beat. Usually, a few days of PvP dailies nets me another level, and then I can continue. I'm not sure how this will hold at the higher levels. For now, though, it adds challenge and is fun.

One good change that ToR made recently (that seemed un-trumpeted, IMO), was the slight change in PvP dailies. It went form a simple "get X wins" to "play X times" where wins count double. For me, this is a huge quality of life improvement. Where before you may be frustrated by a string of losses, now there's an end in sight. I've found that most things in life are infinitely more tolerable when you know what you're shooting for. I wanted to complete the dailies, but it was frustrating when you just couldn't get a win. This alleviates a lot of that frustration, as you get there anyway. Good stuff.

It is changes like this one that makes me happy to continue on with ToR. They seem to have a good eye for what is annoying for the player base, and try to change it. They can't fix everything immediately, and I'm willing to be patient. It's good that they're trending in a positive direction.

By contrast, I've felt WoW to be trending in a negative direction for me. The whole Cataclysm Warlock debacle, as chronicled by Cynwise, was a huge reason. Secondary was a focus on endgame, which when that fell apart, left me with little to do. There are no class stories in WoW.

I think Diablo will be a welcome addition to my gaming life, and I still look forward to MoP. I'll play ToR until I've experienced all 8 class stories (four on each side). I'm hoping that by then they'll have added a lot of content and quality of life improvements, so I'll keep playing. I'd say that's pretty likely. Still, if ToR shut off development today, I'd play through those stories and then be done. They're fun. I hope Blizzard improves on the class story idea in their next MMO. I think they could do a great job with it as well.


  1. IIRC wasn't there a lot of QQ about class specific quests in WoW? I remember there being a distinct problem with them in that by the time you got the quests chain done you'd be well beyond the level of the quest reward.
    It would go like this. You'd get your warrior quest chain and it promised a blue sword reward that would be nice for a level 20 character. But by the time you got all the quests done you'd be level 30 and the reward would be pretty much useless.
    OTOH, I could see the scenarios being good for this sort of thing. Class scenarios that would show you the lesser known aspects about your class. And you get a shiny item to boot.
    I guess we'll see.

    In the meantime there is D3 but I won't be getting home till late today. So maybe no D3 till Wednesday for me. =(

  2. Yeah, I came in midway through TBC... so I think I only caught the tail-end of class quests. I remember there being some early on in my Warlock career (mostly pertaining to minions) and I loved them. Of course, the reward was getting your minion, which was always awesome no matter what level.

    I wouldn't mind rewards being crap so long as the story is good. Loot isn't really what motivates me to play (though I acknowledge this is a personal idiosyncrasy).

    Scenarios do have the potential to be awesome.

    I'll get a little D3 in tonight, but have other things mucking up the playtime. Still, little is better than none :-).