Monday, November 15, 2010

With sheer boredom comes Inspiration!

Hey Gang!

Happy Monday!

So I heard over at MMO-Champion that 4.0.3 is going to go live this week (perhaps tomorrow?). They state that 4.0.3 is not the landscape changer but 4.0.3a is. WTF? Is anyone else as confused as I am? It's sorta ridiculous. When I think about an expansion and patch numbers, I always thought that when you change the first number, that was the BIG set up for the expansion to come. Yes, 4.0.1 brought on some of the largest changes in the game that sets up the base stuff for Cataclysm. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that they gave us some time to adjust before feeding us to the proverbial worgen but then we were all told that 4.0.3 was the WHOLE CRAP EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BURN TO THE GROUND AND DEATHWING WILL EAT YOU patch. Now, what has 4.0.3 turned into? Oh yeah, bug fixes and an additional set up for the world breaking.

So, let me get this straight. 4.0.3a is the actual Shattering and that makes 4.0.3 the prep for the Shattering... so, what does that make 4.0.1? A preparation for the preparation of the Shattering? Ummm K? Now I've heard that Zul'Garrub and it's lovely Mountable contents are going away in 4.0.3. Does this mean 4.0.3 or 4.0.3a? Color me confused.

Well, whatever. I guess it will happen when it happens :-/

Regardless of the patch confusion, I'm really enjoying the flow of the Events. I heard that the next phase went live on Friday. Normally I know everything (HA) and I would be more aware of this stuff but I completely missed that boat. I'll have to log on before our raid tonight and take a peek at it. I'm going to guess that it's just more forward progress of the story. Mainly, adding a few more quests. I'm totally ok with that. I've got the achievement "Tripping the Rifts" on two of my toons and I'm up to date on the quests on two of them except for the latest Friday additions which I will correct this evening :)

Since Fuubaar and her Posse downed the Lame King last Monday, my brain has switched from Raiding to preparation for Cataclysm. I've been messing with soloing/ questing specs for Fuu and that's pretty much it for her. When Zul'Gurub was announced to be gone along with the mounts and Reputation, I freaked out and wanted to go in there and farm every lock out. I did this a few times and then I came to the realization that I just don't really care. I mean, the mounts are pretty cool but I have horrible luck so I'll probably not get them. Then I looked at the faction reputation and that really sealed the deal. The recipes from the vender aren't useful and after I learned them, I would completely forget about them. Yes, I could have those "useful" 10 achievement points for becoming exalted with them and 1 more exalted faction to tack up to my 40 but that's about it. Call me pessimistic, but I've got a billion other things to do in the game than become annoyed by the stupid spinny trolls. They can go DIAFF for all I care.

Ok, I think I just need more coffee cause I totally sound like a grouch pants today...

On a more, exciting note, I got my Third 80 last night. Tamedfuu has now joined the ranks. Let me tell you how slow I leveled... it was so slow that some of my guildies stayed online to watch it occur. I believe that a few died of starvation.  Funny story, I could have pushed it on Saturday but I wanted to play Civilization 5 instead. Shhhh don't tell my guildies >.<

Anyways, my main goal with this toon wasn't really to hit 80. It was to max out her two professions. She has Mining and Engineering on her and I felt that they would both come in handy for Cataclysm. Mining is a no brainer since I already had a max Jewelcrafter and I had to buy all of my ore or raw gems to cut & sell. It really cut into my profit. I also wanted an engineer because who doesn't LOVE engineering? I mean, it's an odd mix of all of the other professions combined with a touch of flare. You can make gear, you can enchant your gear, and come Cataclysm, you can gem your gear... with a GEAR! (or cog if you're going to get technical). I wasn't really pushing for 80 but I ended up getting it through Battlegrounds when I was mindlessly circling Zul'Derek looking for Cobalt nodes. I did the occasional Instance to break that up but I pretty much only did one or two of those a day because the queue times were too long and I just didn't really care for the time investment. The moment I dinged 80 last night, I had maxed out mining and my Engineering had just hit 425. That's good enough to pick up the next level of Engineering whatever crazy name they call it. My guess is something like Ultra Uber God of Engineering. You can't get any more epic than that! I believe that I ran enough battle grounds to get a few Wrathful pieces and perhaps enough points from my PvE dungeons that I might have a few pieces from there as well.

Overall, leveling, even if you go slow, is obtainable regardless of what you enjoy. This is awesome! I very rarely did quests on Tamed. I would have to say that 85% of the Exp that I gained was through pvp.

So, this brings me to my last ADD thought of this post. When I rolled Fuubaar back in 2008, there weren't many options when it came to leveling. You pretty much just flowed with the questing hubs and sneaked in a Dungeon or two to finish off quests that took you there. It was slow and monotonous. If you enjoyed pvp, too bad. You couldn't gain XP so it would hinder your ability to level.

Today, we have so many options for leveling that you can level a large handful of your toons in completely different ways.
- Questing
- Dungeons (once past level 15)
- Grinding (not really doing quests but just killing mobs for experience. Think Asian MMOs /shiver)
- Gathering herbs and/or Mining (this is going to be extremely slow but HOLY CRAP Profitable)
- Player verse Player
- Holiday Quests

Now, I said Holiday Quests as being a little bit different than regular questing. You only have a specific amount of time to do them but these usually give excellent XP and really fun trinkets and things to collect.

So, with all of these different ways of leveling, how do you choose which way you want to level your new toon in Cataclysm? Do you just do what you've always done? Will you pick a completely different way?

Just lots of things to think about when December 7th rolls around :-)

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. BoA power leveling FTW! I just rolled up a boomkin and I'm having a blast doing it. I've leveled some toons pretty quickly in the past but the challenge here is to get to 80 before Cata.

  2. Dungeons all the way. No longer having to rely on other people, cuz I can simply drop group at the end when I don't like the people. Best of all, each dungeon comes with a free blue drop that is sometimes useful. This combined with my BOA gear, this alt's never been in bad gear.

  3. Personally, since I'll be rolling a Pure DPS Class, I get too bored only relying on the Dungeon Finder. I dont mind queuing up for them if my gear is in bad shape or if I have a quest hub that I want to work on in the mean time. I've found that if you are a pure DPS class that it was much less painful if I ran Battlegrounds. You can get some decent upgrades with your honor points to fill in the gaps that you would be missing for pve and a little more survivability while leveling can't hurt.

    But yes, BoA gear will definately give a leg up on the XP gain and the bonus bag at the end of the Dungeon run is usually an upgrade.

    I'm just glad that we aren't stuck only having one option for leveling now :)

    <3 Fuubaar