Monday, November 8, 2010

Thoughts on the Current Events in Azeroth

Hey Gang!

For those of you whose clocks are all a mess from daylight savings time, I'm right there with you. Fulguralis and I have been lucky (/end sarcasm) enough to be sharing the common cold and I got a nice head start this morning when I was awoken by coughing and persistent throat clearing at 4:30am. Needless to say, I was out of bed & on the road within 30 minutes. It's rather nice beating everyone to work, though. The traffic was minimal, even for a city, and I got a sweet parking spot.

Well, you haven't come here to read about my Monday morning woes. You've come to learn from my incredible insight (/end sarcasm again.... this might be a trend) into the World of Warcraft.

If you've been lucky enough to log on to the game recently, you would have noticed the increased tremors throughout Azeroth and some very irate Elementals. The quest chain that starts in your Main Capital City (either Stormwind or Orgrimmar) is definitely a MUST DO NOW sorta thing. It really brings the pre-Cataclysmic events into perspective for your hero even if you aren't really into any Roleplaying. You really get the sense of urgency within your city. Citizens panicking and not knowing where to turn and people taking advantage of them during these trying times. Your job is to inform the city that there is no need to panic but that we need to stay focused on our TRUE ENEMY! The (insert Horde or Alliance here)!

If you haven't finished the in game quests yet and do not want to be spoiled, I suggest just skipping the post today. We'll see you tomorrow :-D

Since I haven't, personally, done the Horde side events, I'll only reflect on the Alliance thoughts. I'm going to assume that most of this will work both sides though. If you've done the horde side, let me know what differences there are in the events. I would greatly appreciate the insight. Also, I'm only going to reflect on what my character understands and sees currently in the game. She does not know about Deathwing nor does she understand what changes are going to happen to the world. Fuu only understands that the world that she holds dear to her heart is in grave danger.

So, we have all Fel breaking loose upon Azeroth. Family members have gone missing, the ground is quaking violently, elementals are ripping holes into the world and wrecking havoc on the locals. It's madness I say! MADNESS! One thing that's true about disastrous events throughout the world; If there's confusion, someone's going to monopolize upon that. Who better to do so? Kool-aid drinking CULTISTS that's who! Well, actually, it's not them specifically, it's the one who leads them. We don't find this out until later on in the event who's been giving the cultists ammunition. Cho'gall, the two headed Ogre, shows up in a Hologram to project orders and provide false hope to all who find themselves lost in the confusion. If you're unfamiliar with the lore of who Cho'gall is, he was Gul'dan's right hand man. Gul'dan (for you warlocks out there) was a seedy orc warlock who used to be the old Horde Warchief before Doomhammer overthrew him because he was found to be deceiving the horde for his own gains. Both Gul'dan and Cho'gall have cost the Horde greatly. To find that his "boss" is leading the cultists actions has me extremely concerned for the well being of Azeroth. I mean, our heroes don't know that Deathwing is the one stirring up the trouble below our very feet but our great leaders sure know something is up.

In the Throne Room of Stormwind, all of our faction leaders, including a few well known faces, are discussing a course of action to keep their citizens from jumping off the deep-end. Magni Bronzebeard mentions the Tablets that Brann found in Ulduar. Now, if you've read or are currently reading The Shattering, (highly suggest this book btw!) you know that Magni has his top Explorers League translators on the tablet trying to figure out what it means. The key phrase that they can decipher is, "Become one with the earth". From this fractured translation, Magni suggests that there might be a way to communicate with the earth and find out what pains it perhaps even find a way to fix it.  Varian states that nothing that came out of Ulduar has brought any good upon the land and these tablets shouldn't be taken lightly but Magni is adamant to help his kingdom regardless of the danger that he could be in. These earthquakes have caused so many casualties throughout the world, he is willing to risk his life for his people.

We also know that all of the elements are misbehaving and in pain. They all have stopped listening to the Shaman and are opening rifts throughout Azeroth, Northrend, and even Outlands to take out their frustrations on the world. If you're unaware, you can receive a really neat achievement for destroying all four of the different elemental types of rifts. Each of them give you a buff of 2% more damage & healing. I'm not sure if they stack because I've been too lazy to track them all down. These rifts spawn once an hour throughout each zone. Now, if you want to know more specifics regarding this Achievement, go to and search for "Tripping the Rifts". Many have come and shared exactly where the rifts spawn and what element it is. Great stuff! Go do it!

I have a feeling that the next phase of the Elemental Invasion should move forward some time this week. I don't know if the current quest chain will change, expand, or disappear. I highly suggest that you get out there and get your lore on. Because this only happens once.

What have you enjoyed thus far from the event? Do you believe this to be better, worse, or the same as the zombie evasion?

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. What I found sort of neat is that EVERYTHING will attack a rift and the elementals once they pop. Even hostile mobs that would have attacked you too.

    I like this event better so far. Mainly because so far you don't have players intentionally going out of their way to grief you like some did during the zombie invasion.

  2. @ Cygnia

    Yeah, I've popped in on a few rifts and found that the local Ogres were not having any part of it. It looked like a 2:30am bar brawl!


    <3 Fuu