Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reflections on Auctionator

I seem to have a strong desire to post "reflections" lately.  I mean, generally I first mention something when it comes to mind, then I go out and give it a good amount of trial, and then I want to report back.  Makes sense right?  I've enjoyed writing QotD posts as a sort of "series".  Seems to generate good feedback, and gives me a little something to switch it up, as it were.  As such, I'm going to start a new type of post around here that I'm going to refer to as Reflections.  They'll likely be short and personal, populated by opinions.  My goal is simply to relate the feedback I've had from trying things in-game.  I figure it might be useful to some people, and could generate some good comments.  So if you agree or disagree, would love too hear it.  Also, let me know if there are things you want to hear.  These aren't meant to be "how to" posts, but I have no problem following up on questions received.  Anyways, let me know if you have any strong thoughts.

For today, I want to reflect on the Auctionator addon I recommended last week. 

I love it.  It may single handedly turn me into an AH user.  Mind you, before I avoided the AH like the plague.  Auctioneer just seems too complicated for my tastes, and I abhor having to do any sort of market research.  I'm not playing the market.  I just want to sell the one or two things I picked up that are worth far more at the AH than at vendor.  I'm not looking to break into anyone's niche or keep a "flow" of income.  I just don't want to miss out on the random windfalls I get from doing random things.  Auctionator is perfect for that. 

It scans a single item you place in the "sell" window, and gives you a simple comparison of vendor vs. auction.  You can even run a full scan to have the advice ready for other items that you might come across.  Then, in the options, you can very simply set how much you want to undercut (say 5%, which is default and fine by me), and it does the rest for you.  You plop it in the sell window, hit sell, and it goes up as the cheapest on the market. 

Am I maximizing returns?  No way.  Does it mean you might undersell?  Sure.  But you only have to pay very minimal attention to get something priced to sell, which is my goal: to get the gold into my hands quickly.  I'd rather have 30 gold in my hand now than 40 gold in my hand a week from now.  Extrapolate that over the course of years of playing and I'm sure I've missed out on a ton of money, but I'm not in it for the money. 

On the other hand, the ease of use is really enticing me to farm up Saronite Ore on my DK and place it for sale.  It still sells for a pretty decent price, and no one really seems to be farming in Icecrown anymore.  Thus, it only takes like ten minutes to get a couple stacks.  I know I've expressed a displeasure with farming/selling in the past, but I'm not sure how it could get much easier.  I generally do it while waiting for my random PvP to pop.  I mean, if you click accept right away, you generally have to wait 2 minutes for the game to start anyways.  Ride out the timer and get a node or two in.  If you're like me, you'll still end up being a minute early.  Plenty of time to buff and be ready.

It just seems so simple and easy to use, it really fits my playstyle.  If you've been like me, trying to avoid the AH and the games surrounding it, I would encourage you to give Auctionator a try.  Ditch some of the more complicated AH addons and pare it down to something that works for you.  I've been quite pleased with it.  It almost feels like vendoring, which is what I was looking for.  I haven't mucked with any of the settings, but I haven't needed to.  Short of a scan, it does exactly what I need it to.

Though I must admit, there is one case when it doesn't work.  If you do the fishing dailies, you'll know that you can randomly get a Stormjewel.  These tend to sell pretty well on the AH, especially with folks regemming now.  Problem is, the actual "cut" stones from JC's aren't called Stormjewels.  Thus, the search doesn't really pick up what are essentially equivalent items, and when I went to sell mine, no Stormjewels were on sale (but plenty of the equivalent jewels were).  So, I had to do a little of investigation there, and it wasn't exactly something I was expecting.  Makes sense when you think about it, but took me a second.

Anyways, I just wanted to pass along some of my experiences.  Anyone else got any neat tricks out there with using Auctionator?

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  1. Quick suggestion for all old & new Auction House users big or small.

    Pick up an addon called: Postal

    This addon allows you to hit one button that will open all of your mail and put all unsold items in your bags & money into your wallet.

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    <3 Fuu