Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Plenty of Time To Spare - or - Internet Dragasm

I try not to toot my "we cleared this" horn too much. Partially that's because we're normally far behind everyone else, and the other part is that it's not something that is usually generally entertaining. Sometimes, it's completely called for though.  This is one of those times.

If you've been reading here for a while, you probably know that the raid group I belong to is rather unique.  First of all, we're a straight up 10 man group.  Not one of us has a lick of any 25 man gear.  Right about when ToC first came out, our 25-man raiding alliance was dying, and we struck out on our own.  A ragtag group of probably 8 friends to start that grew to a perfect and healthy 12.  All with what most might call "subpar" gear.

We also only raid for 2 hours each week.  That's it.  We're lucky to get that some times with summer travel and the like.  We've definitely had to miss a few days.  Never more than 2 hours a week though.  We do all our strat work outside of the game, via emails, and then get together on Monday nights to preform.  It's diet raiding.  It's raiding lite.  It's perhaps the very definition of super casual, 10-man raiding.

And last night, the goal we set out to hit 12 months ago was finally achieved: We downed the Lich King.  When we started ICC, I think most of us had our doubts that we'd ever get there.  It's hard enough to keep a steady group together for 12 months (especially in a casual environment), much less maintain a focus and learning enough to make progress.  But we steadily did.  The phrase "against all odds" comes to mind.

Maybe I'm over-glorifying a rather simple event.  After all, we're probably the among the last groups to down the LK.  A kingslayer title is no longer particularly special or unique.  Still, we all popped on our new titles, put down a keg, and danced proudly in front of the Dalaran fountain.  It was special to us, and that's all that matters. On our sever, I don't think there is another "true 10" group that's downed the LK.  Sure 10 man groups have done it, but without a shred of the higher, 25-man gear?  Without raiding PuGs or anything more than 2 hours a week?  It can be done.  To call our feat unique is merely a victory of probability, but a victory nonetheless.

I know a lot of folks have a lot of different opinions on the accessibility of the game and the "dumbing it down" and stuff like that.  I can't really argue... as long as you're running 25 mans and spending more than 2 hours a week raiding.  For us, it was a challenge.  It was a well designed, perfectly challenging fight, and the presentation and pacing from Blizzard was spot on for group like us.  Buff and all, it was perfect.  It was dangled just far enough that we could grasp the final prize a month before it becomes completely obsolete.  Nothing anyone can claim will take that feeling of accomplishment from our group.  To us, it was epic.

So I guess I wanted to go on record saying: Kudos to Blizzard for a well designed fight, raid, instance, and expansion.  It had it's ups and downs, but really represents the pinnacle of the MMO experience for players like us.  Perhaps we don't belong in MMOs with our time commitments and lack of putting priority on killing internet dragons, but I appreciate the fact that we can.

And finally, thanks to my guild mates, for sticking it out through the good times and bad.  It hasn't been a smooth ride, but we did it.  We did it.  I look forward to Cataclysm in my new home, with the group that has grown to be expected housemates on Monday nights.  The game is still alive for this TBC-kid.  Deathwing, we're coming for you.

As they say: Screenshot or it didn't happen...

We gave the LK a swirly.
Then got the ubiquitous kill shot.
And, of course, danced on the the Frozen Throne with the "new" LK.  Check out that ass, that ass tanked the LK.

(Aside: As I told my wife... of course we all feel drained today, we had an internet dragasm last night.  I had to make a dragasm post.  stfu XD less three).


  1. Congrats! I just got my Kingslayer Sunday night. I don't care how many people have it already it felt DAMN EPIC to me.

  2. Congrats. I don't care what anyone says killing LK is an achievement no matter when or how it happens. I was lucky to get mine a few months back but I know of many people that still haven't done it. Once again congrats to you and your group.

  3. Thanks guys... we're all allowed our dragasms right? Right! :-)

  4. Adding congrats as well. Since our own guild has gone into hiatus even with 10 man stuff until Cata, the husband and I lucked into a PUG a couple of weeks ago and finally took down the Lich King.

    We're happy because we FINALLY took down an end-level boss while we were still gear and level appropriate to it.

  5. Yeah, that was our feeling too. In TBC, we came late to the party and didn't get to much of the end game. It's great to be able to have "been there".

  6. Congrats! As someone who is also in a casual guild and just got LK down on Sunday I too was very excited regardless. We have suffered through many a group falling apart for a number of reasons over the last 12 months.

    A few of the people from the guild who already downed him worked with a few who had not and committed to downing him. Lets hope we can do the same for a few others.

  7. Grats on your LK kill.

    I think the Kingslayer title may be a little more rare than you think. I know plenty of players who have barely stepped inside ICC or not gone at all. I wonder if there are stats out there for this?

  8. Congrats! That *is* an achievement to be proud of. Three cheers.

  9. Thanks guys.

    I keep running around with my title on... you know, having a long drawn out dragasm (those are the best)... and then I inevitably run by the individual with the heroic title and go... OOH shiny.

    We're moving on to Halion though; I think we've seen enough of ICC for one expansion :-).

  10. The last I read about 25% of the level 80 population has the Kingslayer title and only around 3% has the Bane title. This was and still is a hotely debated thing as some people wanted it to be more like 5% and <1%. I think it's GREAT that Blizz made it where more people had the chance to get the title. Once again gratz to all.

  11. Yeah, I agree. I think the current distribution is far better for the majority of the player base. It would seem to me to be an almost ideal breakdown. To me, anything <1% is pretty lame. I guess my thought has always been that games are made for people to enjoy. Lots of people. Varied kinds of people. Some games may shoot for a niche, but that's pretty counter-productive when you're talking about an MMO.

    Finally, I've never bought into the whine about "being done so fast". I guess, being an old school gamer, my response is: "go play another game for a while." I love WoW, but I would never be satisfied playing only one game to the exclusion of all others.

  12. Right on, grats to you and Fuubaar for getting the LK kill!

    I'm still kind of bummed that I missed out on the last half of ICC, but I'm glad your ragtag group of casual raiders made it through.

    A friend of mine just hit 80 on their Prot Pally so I've been farming Fuu's armory to show them how to gem and stuff lol. Let's see how raiding goes in Cataclysm, eh?


  13. Gratz on the kill! My lock himself downed the LK only two days ago and our social guild, although not a strict 10 man celebrated just as much :)

    I always had my doubts as we keep on changing 2-3 key roles depending who is online, but that's life in the casual raiding world.

  14. Congratulations and nice to see so many others just recently getting the LK down. My casual guild also got him down a week ago for the first time. Then we went back this week and did it again, because our usual main tank was not available the first time around. So everyone is happy now!

  15. Yes and it's feedback like this that makes me say the pacing in Wrath was pretty spot on. It's good that a lot of casual folks that make up a large portion of the player base are getting to see this content.