Friday, November 26, 2010

Not Tricky Enough, Apparently

"Head for the Chopper!" the Demon yelled, pointing at one of the busted engineering mounts among the wreckage of the Mage Quarter in Stormwind.

"They just keep coming," Decedereful panted beside him, twin blades caked with blood and a frosty aura surrounding her.

The Demon hurled a large ball of fire passed the Death Knight's head, striking a whirling air elemental that had been stalking up behind her.  It exploded in a maelstrom of cuffs and gusts.  A slightly smaller water element streaked by, heading for a much larger copy of itself.  Minerva ran close behind her elemental, flinging spells as she went.  Abigora ran up and plopped down a Lightwell.  She then reached into her bag and pulled out a different tome.  Opening it, it almost seemed like she only noticed them there as an afterthought.

"Help yourselves," she said, before wreathing herself in shadow and jogging off after the Undead Mage.

The Demon dipped a clawed hand into the Lightwell after tapping some of his health to restore his magical ability.  He watched as the Death Knight gripped another elemental and pulled it towards her.  Soon enough, her flashing blades were lost in a whirl of shaved ice as she attacked the invader.  Flapping big purple wings, the Demon leaped into the melee.

Lifeless manacles littered the ground, evidence of the obscene scope of the invasion.  Stormwind was being overrun, and their efforts didn't even seem to be making a dent.  They could only hope they had bought enough time to evacuate all of the citizenry.

Decedereful spun in a circle, finishing low to the ground, blades spread out before her.  The Demon next to her burned hotly, a poignant counterpoint to her ice.  Together, they ran towards the wrecked bike.  Minerva and Abigora joined them.  They'd lost Mr. Wow in the crowd long ago.  Hopefully he was still alive.

A shadow danced in an alleyway to the left.  The Demon spun to hurl fire in the direction of the movement, but held himself in check.  Captain Melvin Brightrune walked calmly out of the darkness, leaving what appeared to be a small pile of manacles behind.  The Warrior looked... well, about the same as always: jaw hanging at an obscure angle, but otherwise at the same level of decomposition.

"Har hiss Hay?" the Captain asked.

"What?" the Demon growled.

"Where is Faith?" Minerva translated.  "Honey, fix your jaw before you speak.  You're embarrassing me."

Brightrune snapped his jaw in place, then used it to frown.  He opened it to say something else, but snapped it shut when a Stormwind guard ran up to them.  The guard nearly attacked the Undead from of force of habit, but the Demon stepped in the way, blocking the young man's path.

"Where are you coming from Lieutenant?" it questioned.

The guard's eyes widened to saucers at it took in the imposing Demon.  Fulguralis let the form expire, returning to his usual visage.  That seemed to calm the guard. 

"Well, sir, the Park has fallen," he reported.  "There's not much we can do.  These blasted elementals are everywhere and the Captain has ordered my group to retreat."  He stopped, looking as if he had more to say but was unsure of how to proceed.

"Out with it, boy," Brightrune ordered.

The guard's instinct to obey authority won out.  "Well, sir, there's a lone Paladin - she seems to have lost her mind - but she's all alone.  She refuses to leave.  I thought perhaps since you lot were obviously not, um, conscripts, that perhaps you could..." he trailed off, looking back toward his abandoned post.

Fulguralis and Brightrune looked at each other.

Fuubaar," said Fulguralis

"Faith," said the Captain, simultaneously.

The Warlock turned toward the rest of the group.  "Minerva, get everyone else out of here.  If the Park is truly lost, it doesn't make sense for all of us to risk getting killed.  I've got a few tricks up my sleeve still.  I'll get her out and meet you guys back at the manor."

The Captain stepped forward, "I'm going too.  She's my bloody daughter."

Fulguralis eyed his father-in-law and nodded.  "Fine.  The rest of you, get out of here.  Now!"

To his surprise, they all obeyed.  Perhaps it was the overwhelming hopelessness of their plight, or simply the crazy look in the Warlock's eyes, but they obeyed.  Had Fulguralis been a Light-fearing man, he might have said a prayer of thanks.  After all, it was the season for it.  As it was, he simply jogged over to the entrance to the Park.  Sure enough, standing in the middle of the green, completely surrounded by elementals, was his wife.  She was beautiful in her holy wrath, surrounded by the Light, laying waste around her with a vengeance.  Still, it was obvious she was fighting a losing battle.  She'd always been a protector, not an avenger.

Fulguralis cast a spell that left a glowing green circle under his feet and a spinning green orb above his head.  He turned and looked at the decaying old man next to him.  The Captain raised his eyebrows and hefted his sword.

"Seems like an odd time for a disco," he commented wryly.

"Just keep them off me so I can get to her and get back here, then we're gone," the Warlock said.

"Aye, I can do that," Brightrune said, then, after a thought, added, "Don't get yourself killed in there, son.  I'd hate to have to hate another husband." 

Fulguralis smiled, then released the Demon inside of him.  In a flash, he sprouted wings and claws, glowing a dark purple.  The Demon was still smiling.

They both charged in.  One moment they'd been standing outside, the next they were being buffeted by the attacks of at least a dozen elementals.  Fuubaar saw them, a large Demon and an Undead Warrior.  She didn't react immediately.  Then they worked their way to her side, slaying several unnatural cyclones in the process.  The Demon reached out and grabbed her by the wrist with one clawed hand, nabbing the Warrior with the other.

Then they were out of the battle, back in the entryway of the Park.  The Warrior patted the Demon on the back.  Fuubaar turned on them, eyes ablaze.

"What do you think you're doing?" she yelled in a righteous rage.

"Rescuing you," the Demon growled back.

"Did I ask to be rescued?" she retorted.  "Especially not by a demon and his pet Forsaken!  The Light will exact It's revenge!"

Righteous hammer in hand, she attacked them.  The Demon dodged away and Brightrune almost didn't get his sword up in time to block her furious blow.  He staggered backwards beneath her onslaught.  Fulguralis forced the Demon out.  It was obvious she didn't recognize them.  He needed to calm her before she killed her father.  She was pushing him steadily back onto the Park green with maddened attacks.  The elementals still swarmed nearby, just waiting for them to get close enough before reengaging. 

"Fuubaar!  No!" he yelled, but his voice was lost as a horrific screech sounded overhead.

Everything stopped.  Brightrune, Fuubaar, and Fulguralis all looked up.  Even the elementals seemed to pause in their writhing.  A giant dragon, wings aflame, hovered above.  It wasn't from a brood that Fulguralis recognized, and it was pissed.  Its wings dripped liquid fire, and magma flowed off of it's talons.  Coals glowed deep within its belly, and beady orange eyes fixated on them.  Once more, it let out a horrible screech, widening it's gigantic metal jaw line.  To Fulguralis, it looked like it was about to take a bite out of the Park.

"Deathwing," the Captain hissed.  "Faith.  Take your husband and leave," he said, stepping between her and the dragon aspect.

Fuubaar dropped her hammer to the ground, finally seeing the Warrior for the first time.  "Father?" she asked, wonder coloring her voice. 

"Now is not the time," he said.  "Go."

Fulguralis shrugged his shoulders and a shadowy glass orb rolled down out of his sleeve and into his palm.  They didn't have time.  Not even ten more seconds.  Deathwing was upon them, and he apparently didn't care for the Park much.  Even as the Warlock watched, the dragon raised a clawed foot and prepared to rain death down upon them.  Fulguralis played his last trick: he threw the soulstone at his wife's feet.  It shattered, the dark smoke it had contained swirling up around her quickly before dissipating.

Fuubaar's head snapped around to fix him with an angry gaze, "What are you doing to me?"

"I already told you," the Warlock answered, "rescuing you."

Then, the world exploded.

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