Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Email Check Fail

So I logged into the blog email yesterday morning and: Holy Fel! I haz emailz.  I'm sure there are many other bloggers that can sympathize with how you can go two years, getting not much more than one email every month or two, and then all of a sudden you apparently get a Nightfall proc of email.  It tends to totally jazz one up.  At least it does to me.  Who doesn't like feedback and opportunities?

The downside is that you tend to fall into the rut of not checking the blog email because you don't want to be presented with the ubiquitous "no messages in the inbox" message.  I mean that's depressing, right?  What happens then, is that you log on, steeling yourself for a depressive loneliness, only to find you've been missing overtures for the last 10+ days.  My apologies, surfers of the internet.  I have been lax.

Okay, so what did I have in my inbox?

First, an invitation to a Warlock round table with the Raid Warning Podcast.  Any time a coven of 'locks get together for some chat and chit, you can color me interested.  Luckily they still had a spot for me when I got back to them, you know, ten days later.  Either way, count me in and excited.  Head over to their website and submit some questions, especially if you want to hear from me :-).  Looks like we'll be recording sometime after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned for details.

Second, a representative of the Zam Network (owner-operators of Allakhazam, Wowhead, Thotbot and other well-know resource sites), contacted me wanting to write a "feature" piece about the blog.  They gave me a nifty example here, and explained that I'd need to answer a few questions.  Well, lucky for them, I'm a question-answerin kinda guy.  Fuu's gonna get in on this too.  Should be a neat little article if we succeed at being answerful. I guess I didn't realize they were the wizards behind the curtains of all these sites; what a huge collective!

Fuu also had a nice email in there, a little feedback from her tanking podcast she did several weeks ago.  She loves getting email, though she usually ends up sending replies through her personal email.  Hopefully the individual doesn't think some crazy girl has hijacked our blog and is pretending to be a Protection Paladin.  I mean, who would do that?

Finally, I got an email from a new Affliction Warlock blogger.  Vasburg is the author of a little blog called The Daily Dot.  It looks like he just started blogging a little over a week ago, but I already like what I'm seeing.  First of all, gotta give love to my aff'locks out there.  /Affliction Warlock Power.  Second, this cat looks to be a smooth hand with photoshop and other visual tools.  I love clever visuals!  Check out his post today.  I'm pretty sure my fellow raider, Miss Jessabelle, would completely sympathize with the little video.  I would so totally rather buff myself with cool shades than give out soulstones and healthstones.  Although, I admit, I am a bit better about it now that it doesn't cost a precious shard.  She still had to give me a testy reminder last night on Halion though.  In any case, I recommend the site and will pop it up on my Warlocky blogroll over there on the left side. 

So, hope I wasn't too late on my email perusal.  Good stuff in there.  I've actually set it up to forward to Fuu and my personal emails now, so we shouldn't miss stuff anymore.  Good times.  Catch any of the new event stuff yet?  Fuu and I got to do a little bit prior to our NO LONGER ICC RAID last night.  (Sorry, still dragasming a bit).  It was pretty crazy.  Lots of mammoths.  What's up with that?  Pics to come!


  1. It's never to late, to call me a smooth-hand-photoshop cat.


    /Affliction Warlock Power

  2. <3 the shades. Ironic that I just got chastised for my lack of providing last night. Perfect tie-in :-).

  3. I owe you for almost missing mine as well.

    :D Regardless, grats on the invites! <3 your writing Ful!

  4. :-) Thanks and glad you caught yours. Should be a blasty blast.