Monday, November 22, 2010

/crosses fingers: The Shattering This week!

Hey Gang!

First off! Happy Monday! For us in the United States, this will be a short week because of Thanksgiving on Thursday. Many of us will be gorging ourselves on our festive bird and then taking our turkey coma while watching Football and being with our friends and family.

This is such a fun time of year not only in RL, but in game. The World of Warcraft will be celebrating, not only Pilgrims Bounty this week, but its sixth birthday tomorrow! How cool is that?! Six years ago, people got to experience Azeroth for the very first time. Sadly, I was not one of them. Fulguralis and I were very late to the party but we did come with a keg and a pie in 2008. In 2004, the world was new and end game was at level 60. Many got to experience the original game and fell in love with it.

During this time, we knew that dragons, good and bad, made up this world. Some were there to assist our kind and lead us into greatness.

Alexstrasza - The Lifebinder

Others were corrupt with magic and would seek to destroy all who used it!

Malygos - The Aspect of Magic
 Then there were entire dragonflights that sought to understand past events and assist us with being a part of it.

Chronormu aka"Chromie"- Ambassador of the Bronze Dragonflight
Tomorrow, a new fear will sweep across Azeroth. One that many never knew lay in wait beneath our very feet. One that seeks death & destruction of all living things. To avenge his fallen kin, this Dragon will not show us mercy.
Deathwing - Aspect of Death... he's so vicious!
 PS: I found this graphic from BRK's site before he took it down. He is too adorable to ignore!

Happy Birthday Azeroth! I hope you enjoy your new facial reconstruction surgery via gift from Deathwing :-)

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. My sources agree, tomorrow, "a" drops (of the 4.0.3a). Hope you got Loremaster done. Goodbye Thousand Needles and Shimmering Flats.

  2. To be honest: I'm totally going to steal the eyes of the cute dragon and doctor it with photoshop into my warlock.

    I would also appreciate a sauerkraut-day in Germany since we have no day like Thanksgiving. Perhaps on the 7th December.

  3. @ Elkagorasa

    Yes, the more "sources" that I read, the more it makes sense for it to drop tomorrow. In regards to Loremaster, Hell no! I haven't finished that. I attempted to finish up Outlands once and I'm missing 1 quest in Nagrand that I just cant find so I gave up. I may go back on Fuubaar and do the new Loremaster to see all of the new stuff though :)

    @ Vasburg

    He's so cute! The widdle dwagon haz a happy :-)Let me know when the Warlock eye theft is over because I totally want to see the end result!
    In regards to the Sauerkraut-day... we celebrate that on New Years day. We've heard that it brings good luck for the year if you eat it. As for the day? Hrmmm I'm pretty sure that the mass majority of wow players wont see the light of day on the 7th ;-) Might be a good day to eat some stinky food since you wont be out in public *snickers at her own jokes*

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  4. Yo Neighbor,
    The joy of not seeing the daylight was already prevented by a math exam. (Seriously, who the hell lets his students learn for a math exam on St Nicholas' Day ?)
    I think I'm going to make the best out of the day by eating stinky food anyway and writing in in the first row.
    I'll let you know when I'm about to mess around with my undead face again.

    Thanks by the way for the report of the broken link.

    • Your unfriendly warlock Vasburg (Yeah that is a Dot)

  5. I parked an alt in thousand needles at the base of the great lift. Wondering what will happen and where he will be when I log in today. :)

  6. @ Goodmongo

    Fuubaar is sitting on the bench in the Park in SW...

    She may or may not be on fire on the bottem of Deathwing's Foot. Fuubaar bubblegum!

    Can't wait!

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar