Thursday, November 18, 2010

2000 and Some Odd Words

Going to have to be a quick post today. Work is killing me... quickly. Also, the new Harry Potter movie is coming out tonight, and true to form, Fuu and I will be in line with all the youngin's at midnight tonight catching a 12:01 showing. Tomorrow I'll be totally dragging ass, but I'm hoping that doesn't affect the IC quality too much :-). With the speed of the in-game events coming faster and faster now, I realize I only have three more Fridays to get my characters Cataclysmically prepared.  Also, I need to assassinate more people.  No, not in my narratives.  In ACB, of course!  My countesssa is waiting for me (mmm, countessas).

/Shakes head

Right, down to business.  With the aim of being brief, I wanted to share a few screenshots today from my recent bouts with the the elementals in Stormwind.  Grimm wrote a nice little article and shared a few shots of his own, plus there have been several Hordies giving us a look from that side of the pond.  I wanted to jump on board with a few shots of my own.  I tend to agree with Grimm's optimistic outlook on the events. 

I don't mind the easy quests, especially when running them with alts.  The story is interesting without being overwhelming.  Getting to see a bit of Thrall (when I'm not out for his blood) was pretty neat too.  It really seems to be building to a head nicely, and all done without causing undue amounts of grief.  I mean, you only need avoid the capital cities (which, you know, you've been doing the whole expansion) for a short period of time if you don't want to take part.  But if you do, it does have a pretty neat feel to it, and I'm glad that it seems like many people are taking advantage despite the "lack of shinies".  It's just a fun thing to be a part of.  Well tuned, well timed, and well executed, IMO.  A perfect balance of "you'll be able to stumble into it" without "being trapped having to do it". 

In any case, it is heartening to see the throngs of Alliance faithful sweeping out the city like a Dirty Thirties dust storm.  It also makes me feel very dumb when I am one of the first ones on the scene.  Death tends to follow swiftly.  Especially if I'm on my DK, using my Icy Dick Punch.  At least on my 'lock I can banish and run.  Yep, banishing elementals.  Dust off those old macros for Cataclysm. 

Quick post is quick... here are 2,000 more words before I go:

Storming the docks always comes last, it seems. The steep stairways provide sweeping vistas of the oncoming onslaught.

The Perfect Storm.

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