Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tanking Mastery Podcast!

Hey gang!

I'm extremely excited to inform you that I will be a guest host tonight on a top notch Podcast specificially aimed at tanks. It is called, "Tanking Mastery"!

The host, Eldoric, first started doing, "The Guardian Tank" segments on the infamous podcast, "The Instance" for a while when he got a ton of positive feed back and created, "The Guardian Tank Podcast". This podcast is focused on Tanking 101 type stuff and Eldoric asks for people who are new to tanking to come on and be a listener host and ask questions. Really great stuff!

Since "The Guardian Tank Podcast" became so popular, he made a branch of the podcast to focus more on higher level tanking (perhaps a level 400 class?). "Tanking Mastery" is still a pretty new show (only two other shows have been published) but I'm extremely pumped to be a part of it!

Sadly, it is not a live show so you dear readers cannot come to mock my noobishness in a chat room ;-)

When it becomes available for download, I will let you know. I encourage you to give it and all of the Happy Nerd Media podcasts a listen especially those of you who are tanks, want to know more about tanking, or those of you who have no clue wtf your tanks are doing...

Wish me luck tonight!

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

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