Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Points of Interest

I actually played a felton over the weekend. A metric felton. I got dailies, got HH runs, got WG runs and dailies, hit up a few BGs, and even had time to finish up my the last "Classic" achievements in my bucket list (Classic Dungeonmaster and Argent Dawn Exultation).  All around it was time well spent.

I also picked up an addon called Auctionator at the behest of the Fuubaar.  With Auctioneer being out of commission at this time and me putting my little toes in the AH waters to see if I can tolerate it (since it is the best way to make money), she badgered me enough that I finally caved.  I'll be giving in the ole college try this week, but I hear it makes posting relatively brainless.  You tell how much you want to undercut, and it does the rest for you.  We'll see.

I'm actually fairly close to the gold mark I need to get 310% riding on my main toon.  With the addition of the fishing daily to my ICC dailies, I average almost 150g/day for an hour spent.  If I get a valuable reward from the fishing daily (nabbed a Str gem the other day), then the profits rise (sold it for 100g).  It's not the most efficient way, I know, but it's pretty solid for a small daily commitment (and not having to worry about "finding a niche").

The decision to top off my Argent Dawn rep came directly from my runs to finish off the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement.  I'd been wanting to take a day and knock out that achievement for a while, since a lot of those dungeons are going to change.  I'd actually done many of them before, but it was so long ago that I'd not gotten credit.  Stratholme was one such instance.  It's also a big one to farm for a mount/rep.  Thus, Fuu came with me on the off chance of a mount to drop (she gave the mount a good 20 runs a while back before deciding luck was not with her... it apparently drops about 1 in 420 some-odd runs, so she was pretty sure it'd land on her 421st run).  In any case, she had the route down for a quick clear, but what we didn't realize was how freaking efficient low dungeon running is with a Demonology Warlock in tow. 

You see, if you're specced for it (which you should be), you have mobility-enabled Hellfire.  This spell is absolutely killer for old instance farming.  Especially with Fuu on her Priest.  She would toss me a hot and off we'd go.  I'd just keep hellfire up and we'd literally run through the instance.  No stopping.  No looting.  Just running.  Efficient as hell for rep (and getting to the final boss quickly).  It probably took me 15 minutes to run the dead side of Stratholme, netting about 1500 rep in the process.  Hence why I decided to just top off the AD rep.  I did stop to loot the Corrupter's Scourgestones off of the bosses for the rep turn to speed the process even further.  There are 6 big guys that drop a Corrupter stone every time, and each stone turn in nets you about 150 rep (more if human).  Thus, it didn't take long to finish out.

Which brings me back to my newfound love of all things Demo.  I've been spending a lot of time playing in the spec.  Lack of raiding combined with the pure pleasure that is Demo right now has contributed very directly to a marked absence of Affliction experience.  I don't want to update my rotation stuffs until I actually get to give it a good, raiding test run, so I may try to work on my Demo stuff this week.  We'll see how it goes.  A business trip may or may not get in the way.

For now, I wanted to point you at Abi's great post here.  I will likely be regurgitating a lot of what he says and does (and, fwiw, have come independently to a lot of the same conclusions that he lays out).  I'm also planning to take a closer look at Affliction stat weights later in the week.

To wrap up this randomness, I wanted to post a rather striking screenshot.  I took it during my random travelings to get all my dungeons wrapped up in the old world.  I'm sure we've all noticed the new water texture, but have you seen the sun's rays?  And then seen them combined?  It really is quite breathtaking, and really makes me excited for the landscape changes in Cataclysm proper.  If they give every bit of texture a similar facelift... we'll it really will be like Warcraft 2.0.  Check it out.

I'm a sucker for sunsets on the beach.


  1. I love Auctionator. I stopped using the Auctioneer suite because of its memory consumption and I was really drawn to Auctionator's undercut window. The only problem I've found with it so far is that you can't make a bid on its Buy or Sell tabs - only on Blizzard's original tab. But for all of the other nice features I use it's a small price to pay.

    Also, yes to dungeon running/farming as Demo! I love chaining my Decimation procs, and it makes farming cloth/rep items/dungeons/practically anything a breeze. I haven't considered your Hellfire trick, but now I know what I'm doing to finally reach Exalted with Argent Dawn. It helps that my boyfriend is Disc and so his bubbles suck up the entirety of my Hellfire's damage. No hots required.

  2. Glad I could help. Hellfire totally makes it auto pilot. Pop your immolation aura in meta-form for added AoE burning goodness. It's delightfully evil. :-)

  3. Auctioneer is working fine. You just have to get the developers version. So far I have not had any bugs with it at all. it functions as normal. Just a note I missed the IC friday. Had to stay home with a sick child and was hoping it would be up. I quite enjoy it and I am excited to see the end. The only two IC's I read are yours and a stab in the dark, but they only put out one every couple of months.

  4. Well, that explains it. I only have the release version.

    As for the IC Friday post... I was sort of um... indisposed. That is to say, I had a rough night the previous eve and didn't want to half-ass it. Should be good to go this week as that was my last vacation day :-).

  5. Wasn't complaining but more an expression of adoration.

  6. Ha, thanks.

    Guilt comes more naturally to me though ;-).

  7. Huzzah for link love! Thanks a ton lol.

  8. Eh, no prob. I've been playing demo a lot and found myself nodding to your post quite a bit. Love the changes.

    Just got to raid some on my aff'lock too now and am feeling pretty good about it as well. Yay for not being broken!