Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Raid from the Heart

Today I wanted to go ahead and plug Raid from the Heart. If you haven't heard about it, it is the annual Raid for a Cause event organized by Big Bear Butt et al. on October 16th of this year. I believe this would be, officially, like the second or third annual cause raid that he's been a key part of. It's not always planned to be annual, but it has sort of worked out that way for a few years now.  In any case, this year it is loosely tied to heart disease, hence Raid from the Heart.

I say loosely, because it's not like you go and are brow-beaten for donations are anything.  One of the charms of these events is that it's really just about people getting together and enjoying the good company.  Fuu and I have attended in the past, and it has always been a blast.  Usually there are upwards of 100 people, often more than that, just generally having a good time.  I got to chat with a lot of bloggers and readers that I'd never had the chance to chat with before, which was just awesome.  Plus, it's just something different and unique.  In my experience, being a part of something that is bigger than yourself always tends to be a rewarding experience, even if you're not donating money or anything like that.  Just spending the time is the important part.

Sadly, Fuu and I will not be able to attend this year.  We're batting .000 on doing anything cool or community oriented this year, and it really sucks.  However, on the 16th, we already have 3 weddings to attend (two family, one a close friend, and we've already made plans, which was a sucky decision as well).  Thus, our dance card is full.

I would still encourage anyone who's thinking about it, and free, to go.  There are more details on BBB's site, but the fun kicks off around noon.  You don't even have to attend the whole thing.  If you want to meet up with the group later, I'm sure no one is going to bat an eye.  Heck, you can probably just pop in, say hi, and leave if you want.  Like I said, it's about the company.

I don't mean to belittle the cause either. Heart Disease is something that's likely touched a lot of folks.  I know my grandpa had 3 heart attacks (and 4 strokes) before he turned in his last quest (he had a Cataclysmic health pool, apparently.  That, or stellar healers.).  Fuu's dad has had one as well, and is working hard to make healthier choices so he can be around to meet our kids (leveling up his exercise skill?).  It's a cause I think we can all get behind... Who doesn't like healthier hearts? Mmm...

Anyways, just wanted to pass along the information.  For complete rules and regulations, see the link above.  And by rules and regulations, I mean a Bearwall of explanatory text that gives you pretty much a play by play of what to expect.  Don't let the guttural growl scare you though: it's really as simple as popping in, joining the correct chat channel, and following the crowd.  Even if you get lost, folks will be there to help.  Trust me, bloggers will be the first to admit to getting sidetracked and lost, even with a cause in mind.  Plus, we like to help.  And we love to hang out and chat.  There should be no shortage chatter.  I'm sorry I'm going to have to miss it.  So show up for me!  Roll a horde of 'locks and represent, because a sharded heart is a healthy heart.

In all seriousness, this is one of the great and unique things about a game as big as WoW that is worth experiencing for the sheer epicness of it.  After all, not all awesome has to be served up to us by developers.  We are quite capable of being awesome on our own (and have proven that in the past).

Disclaimer: All comments above are unsolicited.  KeS, Shd. is in no way affiliated with Promitus Ursus Posterius Productions (PUPP) or the Big Bear Butt Blog (B^4). Kthxbye. 

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